The BIGGEST Mistake Chess Players Make #shorts

This is the Biggest & Most Common Mistake that Most Chess Players Make. Beginners & intermediate players immediately exchange when they get a chance. Remember, this golden rule – ‘To Take is a Mistake’.
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  1. Oh i just found out what that bar means

  2. Another move that can be played is bishop to f 6
    Prevent queen from attacking

  3. What if you moved bishop to g4 then the other bishop takes then you take with the night or if the bishop takes the knight then you can take with your bishop

  4. Most of you…

    No. I would pressure the Queen by pushing the pawn to the Queen to make it move back.

  5. My jackass just moved the pawn infront of the king ☠️

  6. I would literally move my pawn on G3 and than lose😂

  7. I will exchange the bishops and move the h pawn forward. To take is not always a mistake.

  8. Or actually, what you said yeah is right but how about white knight take that same black night then his black bishop take white knight , then our bishop at e2 take that bishop and if he takes that with the queen then we play pawn to f3 ( threatening the queen) and if he take that pawn our other pawn takes queen

  9. پیش خدا که بودی گوشی وجود ندارد چرت وپرت نگو

  10. chess talk:"remember the golden rule,to take is a mistake
    me:not taking a free knight that if i take its a checkmate after his advice

  11. what about bishop to f4? is that an alternative?

  12. What about that white bishop sitting there to take the knight?

  13. Why is this position similar to magnus carlsen and bill gates chess match

  14. I want that chess board is that available online?

  15. This is the dumbest video ever. To take is not a mistake dummy your stupid

  16. Instructions unclear
    I got mated in 2

  17. And what heppend if i put the H2 pawn at H3 ?

  18. Ayy I got it right and I've just played chess for 1 month

  19. When I did the queens gambit he got me from behind 🍑

  20. This is also good move. I like your way of explaining things.

  21. Bhaiya i want this chess board which gives real time w and b position ❤

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