The Advanced Chess Bots Are Terrifying

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0:00 Intro
0:30 BOT 1 – NELSON – 1300
4:27 BOT 2 – ISABEL – 1600
10:00 BOT 3 – MIGUEL – 1900
18:40 BOT 4 – FATIMA – 2000
26:50 FINAL BOT – AHMED – 2200

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  1. nelson hanged their queen like 5 moves in when i played

  2. I can hold off against engine level 35 or the max and almost the same accuracy so many good moves and can't beat Nelson thank you

  3. Bro isn't satisfied with kids soo he started beating bots 💀

  4. My dear elder brother your playing chess is always shocked me . After seeing your sacrificed video I think I will play chess well as for now but I can't play well then 😞

  5. Y'all are mad if you think that Nelson is hard💀

  6. im not creative enough for a good name says:

    No way Mf really considered the offer of a “handy”

  7. I just can’t think in the way you do, honestly I can’t play endgames unless there’s barely anything on my opponent’s board

  8. Some say he is stills trying to beat Ahmed to this day 2 while years later.

  9. I wish Nelson played like this against me. My dude averages 91 accuracy against me.

  10. its been 2 years but i just noticed that (in the last game) there was queen e1 mate if rook takes

  11. I beat Nelson first time but couldn’t beat the 1100 😂

  12. I'm watching in 2023… Gotham chess asked and I feared my life if I didn't answer

  13. 16/09/2023 and watching. Really good videos your old ones as well

  14. The difference in skill between Nelson and Antonio is massive.

  15. Gotham: tell me when you’re watching

    Me in 2023: uhhh sorry I was so late bro lol

  16. 31:48 i am dying XD if you will move your night to f3 queen takes and you will get his bishop and the rooks are protecting each other i just died from laughing and my ghost is writing that XD

  17. 8:34 why didn't he sacrifice the roooookkk for the queen 😮

  18. I played Nelson and he was like bullying me but in the end i won. 🙂

  19. Dude it's 2023 and your videos are awesome 💯

  20. Am I tripping or Kh4 at 14:50 open Gotham to be checkmated if black went Qg2?

    Nvm I just saw that Kh4 blocks the mate

  21. Nelson is easy if you are calm. Meanwhile, Isabel just makes you want to leave chess forever.

  22. 30:24 gotham really blundered, if he took on f6 he would've won ahmed's queen

  23. 6:12 When he said "i can cut this out of the youtube video", my pc monitor crashed.

  24. I'm in the attempt n 127 against Isabel, I'm already dreaming about her, can't sleep well, I need psychological help to beat that monster and her fucking grandmaster coach

  25. It's very annoying that he was just allowed to say what he wanted with no push back. Why is the NFU person there to point out what a f *cking idio t JRM is.

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