That stunning final move | Magnus Carlsen vs Vishy Anand | Tata Steel Chess India 2019

This is a clash of giants! The strongest player on the planet took on the legend Vishy Anand in this game. Magnus opens with the London System and it was an amazing clash of ideas! The game swung both ways and we had a stunning finish! Check out the game along with the commentary of IM Sagar Shah to find out who came out on top. This was played at Tata Steel Chess India 2019 in Kolkata, India.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. commentary is like Football match haha love it.

  2. After cold war there were no competent players. Some got opportunity when there was no competition to shine.

  3. I wanna see the commenter play at this point 😂

  4. Try to take some breath man
    And why are you moving piece

  5. This game proves the knight is the spirit of this game

  6. What about rook d4 in the eight minute
    But what ever it be the game was awesome

  7. It’s really annoying and irritating the commentary

  8. Commentators' voice is similar to Bisboo channel anchor..

  9. Best chess commentary i have ever seen!!!👏👏👌👌🤩🤩

  10. Magnus Carlson is the greatest chess player I have seen, at his peak he could obliterate anyone

  11. Ur commentry is worst because u make the moment tensed and can understand the game itself😢

  12. Why am watching this i know nothing about chess

  13. dont talk too much. This is not the Cricket match. This is the game of silence.

  14. Without checkmate how the game is over is time is a factor

  15. Their minds work on Different dimensions
    How fast can they think man??
    Its Insane🔥🙌

  16. He won, why did he made the last move and removed horse

  17. Why did he resign when he could have won by time

  18. I think vishi could have play queen to d8 protect both the knight and the rook

  19. My favorite commentator of all time in all sports!!!!

  20. What a commentary. Nice! He literally made so much hype in a chess game. Such brilliant analysis as well.

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