Target Audience: Under 1800 Rated Chess Players – You MUST KNOW These Tactical Chess Ideas!

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15 Clever Tactics to watch out for in your next game. These are common, but tricky and will make you a better chess player!


  1. 5:24 isnt Qb6+ much better it wins the rook in 3 moves and then you the queen

  2. Good video but the title is misleading. I would put "under 1500 rated chess player". Maybe a 1600 like myself would miss these tactics in a game, but at this point I know them very well and I saw all of them a looot of times

  3. If you can get your brain to think about that..

  4. I knew most of these tactics, but it was still good to see them explained again, thank you so much 🙂

  5. Great!! finally a teacher that doesn't have to yell.

  6. This was very helpful, glad i found it. I looked at your popular vids where most weren't advisory like this so am glad this popped up.

  7. I tend to lose track of certain knight tactics. Maybe I'm biased but I feel like knights are more powerful then bishops. Definitely more powerful early, sure on an open board bishops are strong, nearly equal to a rook, but most of the important moves are made early/mid game when knights are stronger. Just my random thoughts

  8. I'm solving some etudes by Soviet grandmasters, and one of them is a checkmate in 2 where you sacrifice your queen to put black in a Zugzwang and if they don't take the queen it's still a checkmate by the queen which was hanging 2 different ways just a move ago, that's the hardest checkmate in 2 because the first move is a pure giveaway of the queen and it's not even a check, but black simply has no moves, which don't lead to checkmate in one after that

  9. This was so painful to watch. I'm an 1800, and I knew all these before I had reached 1500. Please correct your video's name/title.

  10. 3:05 in this case black can still either save the knight or exchange it for a bishop. In this case white still wins a pawn, but the game is still far from over. Black should not take this into the endgame.

  11. This has been super helpful. It would be awesome if you did a follow up with 15 more.

  12. This video is absolutely a gem, thank you very much!

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