Target Audience: Under 1800 Rated Chess Players – You MUST KNOW These Tactical Chess Ideas!

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15 Clever Tactics to watch out for in your next game. These are common, but tricky and will make you a better chess player!


  1. Damn great ideas 1500 soon to be 1600 now thanks

  2. Me, a 400: Yes yes, this is stuff I will retain and remember
    Me 5 minutes later in my game: haha queen goes brrrr

  3. Best chess video, I've ever seen. Just loved it.😍

  4. On #5, wouldn't queenB6 be a much better move overall?

  5. Things very common seeing, and extremely worth watching

  6. Love your videos! Your videos help keep my brain thinking about chess. If I don’t have time to play a game of chess I will try to at least watch your videos to help me not regress. :).

  7. If you could put thumbnails, it would be helpful

  8. 2nd example for noahs arc is winning for white, its called the traxler… you sac your bishop to give check, if king takes white wins

  9. Wonderful content and thank you, he looks like Tom Hardy

  10. 3:04 doesn't white survive with only the loss of a pawn after a6?

  11. Chess players: one time in year 5 someone took my bishop and I didn’t notice it. It was a harrowing moment that haunts me each and every night as I try to sleep and now I never let my bishop get taken.

  12. In tactic 2 there is actually a way to save the knight. Attack the bishop with a pawn and when it retreats attack it again. If the bishop chooses to retreat again – the knight is no more pinned and you can just move it

  13. The volume is a bit low for my phone. Just saying. Anyway, amazing content! Ciao dall'Italia!

  14. I agree completely. And from my experience a non-GM can give so much better help for intermediates and beginners. It's because while the IMs are quite smart, their own demands aren't too high and they aren't too quick with explaining stuff. Contrary to GMs sometimes (even if they try not to, … I often notice it.., won't say names). Here this guy is perfect, for my "needs". And I have fun guessing in puzzles with him, cause he seems rather human, but also because of the fact he has to look up some solutions himself helps him have a better understanding of explaining (like what to cover based on what he might not have understood right away, and in general it's a helpful deed because the viewer doesn't see what the Pro sees, immediatelly).

  15. Great video! I'm going to try and do each of these tactics in my future chess games.

  16. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Greatly appreciated.

  17. best video ive ever watched just won a game with 85% and two brilliant moves and my rating is 500 great video

  18. these videos are insanely helpful. i never knew when to make sacrifices and things and now I play extremely aggressively and pull off such cool moves. my rating is up like 70 points in the last week alone. im only around 920 but i am winning almost 80% of my games

  19. 700 bullet player here. I'll remember those traps

  20. One of your best vids! Great lessons.

  21. Number 3 actually was surprising! Lol

  22. The position showing a R sacrifice followed by a N fork wins a Q for R and N, but instead White has Qb6 ch which wins the Q in 2-3 moves totally free. Can't believe that more care was not taken to set up this demo.

  23. Uhmmm.. I think there is a problem with the sacrifice rook
    cuz you can mate

  24. Deflection repackaging for guitar (string instrument) players: hammer on, pull off. Ftw!

  25. By the way, 8.38 there is a much better way to win material than QE2, reply to this comment if you know the answer XD

  26. This is not Under 1800 Elo tutorial, more realistic is 1200 elo stuff. Good job anyway.

  27. 8:37 Nf5 is stronger than Qe2 because you threaten NxBe7 next.

  28. So if I buy a hammer some thumbtacks and a thing of string I'll become a 2100?

    (Hey Google, find me the nearest Home depot)

  29. I'm stuck at 1400 even though I know all these ideas. What might be the problem?

  30. 1. Noah's ark trap. Trap a bishop using 3 pawns.
    2. Attack a pinned piece with a pawn
    3. Losing h3 pawn cuz of hanging knight on F3
    4. Back rank mate
    5. Rook sacrifice to setup knight fork
    6. Rook sacrifice to setup a bishop fork
    7. Early queen forks
    8. Bxf7 sacrifice to setup a good follow-up
    9. Rook checks on uncastled king
    10. Discovered attack by moving F3 or f6 knight
    11. Greek gift sacrifice. Sacrifice your bishop on h7 if your Knight and queen can follow up
    12. Discovered rook attack
    13. Are opponents king and queen on same file or diagonal?
    14. Rook deflection
    15. Blocking off a defenders of a higher valued piece

  31. bruh no way right after the vid i got a tactic which was for the king and queen on the same file so i sac'd my knight for a pawn and then brought the rook over and it was a skewer lmaooo thaknyou so much i was able to move my rating from 600 to825

  32. With a ladder and a hammer, on the other hand, you can do almost anything 😉

  33. Now not only did I learn more about chess but I learned some new tools. Thanks dad 🥸🥰

  34. I’m still watching. I just love this video. This is the first time I’ve commented twice on the same video!

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