STOP This Chess Trick

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  1. Let me suggest an even better move- pawn g6

  2. What I do when they move the queen out is move my knight to g6

  3. My opponent literally played this against me yesterday, if only I saw this sooner

  4. I like to play the kiddie countergambit and play 2 Nf6, its just much safer for the sacrifice of 1 pawn

  5. i'm not a necesarily a good chess player but not bad that was long ago so now i'm worse and this guy was toying with me playing bad starting moves and still beating me ruthlessly so that really annoyed me and it was like 500 rated or smth but i don't think he's that low either he's trying to climb in rating or he's using an engine

  6. That tactic white used was the first and only tactic I’ve ever used because of how quick and easy it was to pull off. Of my bishop was blocked, I’d kill as many black people as I could before the queen dies. The backup plan is just a head start.

  7. as someone who is stuck at very low rated chess, I love when people use this opening. it's one of the few that I can play against really well

  8. You just taught us the same trick a year ago now your saying not to use it

  9. This move is my exact shower thought when I was against Nelson (Still not winning)

  10. Nelson bouta get his career ruined lol.

  11. I prefer the wayward queen kiddie gambit. Or at least thats what it calls the only opening the 1300 free bot plays.

  12. "They can't take you because your protected" 😊

  13. Kinda funny how one of the earliest vids of Gotham I can remember watching was teaching that opening/mate for white

  14. My friend said " i wont fall for it for the second time "

    Aaaaaaaaaaand he fall for it 17x

  15. Queen to e7 is all it takes to shut down an opponents wayward queen completely

  16. They think you are dumb got me hahahaha i always encounter people like that, always bringing their queen to h5 and ruined positioning.

  17. Yooo why is this on my feed. How did you know I am falling for this shit 😢. New player to chess btw. Thank you so much for showing me how to defend this.

  18. someone tried this to me and then just blundered the queen
    in just move 4 xd

  19. Brooo, the "GTFO" from the pawn killed meee lmaoooo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. This happened to me 😢thee me off completely while I was planning to develop 🫣
    Wish I saw this earlier

  21. yeah I played against someone played like white and I absoulutely destroyed him

  22. "THEY THINK YOU'RE DUMB" that is actually what is in my mind everytime someone does that to me. 😂

  23. I always think this when they chose that opening, like "hey, ..they think I'm dumb" 🥺

  24. Knight h6 stops everything and if they don’t see it you get a free queen

  25. THEY THINK YOU’RE DUMB!! This dude 😅

  26. I figured this sequence out after losing 3 games in a row 🥲

  27. just today i ve lost to a bot that uses this queen gamble…. 5 resigns in a row… THANK YOU!

  28. What if they forked by taking on e5

  29. I’ve had that exact game yesterday it just goes to show how boring we are

  30. That ain't a checkmate the king can escape check by moving to e7

  31. That was an actual fork, not just a threatened one!

  32. I am trying to do this trick to some people, and when I succeed, it's very goood

  33. If you move nh6 its easily prevented

  34. I swear to god no move makes me more angry than Qh5. Whenever my op plays it, I make it my personal obligation to destroy him and his entire lineage.

  35. I just figured on myself a long time ago when I was a 450 fool

  36. This type of scholars mate is what i will try to do To Nelson

  37. the beginning is literaly 1:1 how my game went. like im 300 elo and somehow i did it good

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