Stockfish 16 Destroys Torch’s English Opening with a RARE Endgame Idea!

Beautiful game by Stockfish 16 with the black pieces in the English opening.


[Event “CCRL Blitz”]
[Site “CCRL”]
[Date “2023.10.15”]
[Round “201.2.350”]
[White “Torch v1 64-bit”]
[Black “Stockfish 16 64-bit”]
[Result “*”]
[WhiteElo “?”]
[BlackElo “?”]
[Variant “Standard”]
[TimeControl “-“]
[ECO “A13”]
[Opening “English Opening: Agincourt Defense”]
[Termination “Unterminated”]
[Annotator “”]

1. Nf3 d5 2. c4 e6 { A13 English Opening: Agincourt Defense } 3. b3 d4 4. e3 c5 5. g3 Nc6 6. Bg2 Bd6 7. exd4 cxd4 8. O-O Nf6 9. d3 O-O 10. Re1 h6 11. Ba3 e5 12. Bxd6 Qxd6 13. Nbd2 Re8 14. a3 a5 15. Qc2 Qc5 16. Ne4 Nxe4 17. Rxe4 Bf5 18. Nd2 Bg6 19. Ree1 f5 20. Qb2 Qf8 21. Rab1 e4 22. dxe4 f4 23. b4 axb4 24. axb4 Rad8 25. Qb3 d3 26. b5 Ne5 27. c5+ Kh7 28. c6 bxc6 29. b6 Qf6 30. b7 Rb8 31. Qb6 Bh5 32. Rb2 Be2 33. Reb1 Qg5 34. Qd4 Qg4 35. Rc1 f3 36. Rc5 Qe6 37. Bh1 Re7 38. Qc3 Qf6 39. h4 Rexb7 40. Rxb7 Rxb7 41. Qxe5 Qxe5 42. Rxe5 Rb2 43. Nc4 Rc2 44. Ne3 d2 45. Re8 Rc1+ 46. Kh2 Rc3 47. Rd8 Rxe3 48. Rxd2 Rxe4 49. Rc2 g5 50. Rxc6 g4 51. Rc7+ Kg6 52. Rc6+ Kg7 53. Rc5 Kf6 54. Rh5 Kg6 55. Rc5 Bc4 56. Rc8 Kg7 57. Rc6 Be6 58. Rc1 Kf6 59. Ra1 Re2 60. Kg1 h5 61. Rc1 Ke5 62. Rd1 Bc4 63. Rf1 Kd4 64. Rd1+ Kc3 65. Rc1+ Kd3 66. Rd1+ Kc2 67. Rd6 Bd3 68. Rb6 Kd2 69. Rb2+ Ke1 70. Rb3 Rd2 71. Bg2 Rxf2 72. Bxf3 Rxf3 73. Ra3 Bb1 74. Ra6 Rxg3+ 75. Kh2 Kf2 76. Rf6+ Rf3 77. Rxf3+ gxf3 78. Kh3 Bf5+ 79. Kh2 Be6 80. Kh1 Kg3 81. Kg1 f2+ 82. Kf1 *

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  1. Thanks Jozarov – the fianchetto Bishop is normally great insurance for its King.This game was an exception to the rule.

  2. Yes, 49. ….g5 was such a deep move- it allowed The Fish to free the bishop from the guard of the f3 pawn.

  3. U have one of the most Clear English accent
    I don't understand other chess streamer accent

  4. I wanted to play f4 first. Was quite pleased with my move choice. Then the fish comes up with a brilliant alternative. lol

  5. Très belle partie très bien expliquée. Vous parlez peut-être un peu vite mais c’est votre style. Bien à vous

  6. Dear Josip, today I prepared an extremely beautiful endgame study, that treats the strategic motive of Zugzwang, which is very important in many endgames (think of the games of Capablanca or Nimzovich), but is also very difficult to understand for many chess engines. Especially Stockfish has great difficulties with this kind of positions ( as in positions with the motive of fortresses!)
    So let's check this out! ( I heard this phrase before, but don't know where 😆):
    This is the position in fen:
    n2Bqk2/5p1p/Q4KP1/p7/8/8/8/8 w – – 0 1
    White wins with 1.Qc8!!, which puts Black in Zugzwang. So 1. – Kg8 2.Bc7!! Qxc8 3.gxf7+
    Kh8 4.Be5!!, again with Zugzwang. Black is now threatened with discovered check and mate from the bishop! 4.- Qc5 5.Bb2!! The Problem for Black is now, that he has to prevent discovered mate from the bishop as well as controlling the f8-square, where White threatens to promote. 5.-Nc7 6.Ba1!! Zugzwang again, so Black can only move the pawn! 6.- a4 7.Bb2 a3 8.Ba1 a2 9.Bb2 a1Q 10.Bxa1 Nd5+ 11.Ke6+ Nc3 12.Bxc3+ Qxc3 13. f8Q and Mate!
    I hope you will like this brilliant study.
    As I mentioned some time ago, today the only way to test chess engines, to push them to the limits, is by chess studies.
    Any "normal" chess combination is today just to simple for them.
    The only way to pose serious problems is by confronting the engines with chess studies and puzzles.
    My best regards, Torsten

  7. I love the Agincourt defence. The fish played it marvellously. Thanks Josip.

  8. Amazing game with tactics and end game… Cool move of the pawn and that pattern…. Thank you for sharing. Learned something new today! Chess is the best!

  9. what happens if White plays Bg5,pinning right away the black knight, instead of rook e1?

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