Spanish Game Chess Opening Trap Part 2

part 1:



  2. what is they move the pawn to g6? the whole plan will be destroyed 😢

  3. Why would they castle? Nothing forces them to castle

  4. Bro i just realize if the opponent takes bishop instead of knight with his knight we can take his knight and queen by giving him check and he can't even castle💀

  5. What if they do not do the way you told….I played exactly same initially but after some moves the moves are not as you are saying….I ended up losing 😢

  6. If I was the opponent i would have immediately saved the knight with my pawn😂

  7. I'm proud of myself for checkmating Emir early game today

  8. What about G6 when the play Queen h5

  9. Pls pin this

    What happens if they move to g6 right before we sac the queen?

  10. Who's gonna play d6 in this position ?

  11. Couldn't the black pawn at h7 move one square to h6 to stop the queen

  12. They never play berlin defence, infact the move their rook pawn ahead attacking us

  13. Why does he have to castle? The king was protecting the bishop..

  14. what if instead of attacking the rook by pawn to d6 he played pawn to g6?

  15. Bro black queen was just watching king to die

  16. bro tried to be levy so bad with that quEEn 😭

  17. Yes, because they will play the Berlin defense and not pawn a6

  18. I'm repeating this with the 700 bot and he never takes Kxe5, but brings Be7 instead

  19. Why does the black knight captures the white knight at e5

  20. the stuff a vet does yet your brain doesnt retain bc it was traumatic.

  21. After queen ⚪️h5, I would play ⚫️pawn g7 to g6

  22. Levy yelled "the rook" ONE time and now every goddamn chess channel has to do these cringe imitations of it.

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