Spanish Game Chess Opening Trap Part 2

part 1:


  1. the queen could have taken the knight instead of the king moving

  2. “They saw part 1…”

    Them watching part 2: 👀

  3. My opponent plays queen to f6 at the start

  4. What if they don't play the Berlin defense

  5. Nobody attacks the rook when queen keeps starring at the king

  6. What’s happened if they don’t castle 😅

  7. How about the other guy with black just takes your knight

  8. Come back to fortnite pueas

  9. My brain isnt developed enough to understand this

  10. What if they don’t do Berlin but moves pawn up to attack the bishop

  11. Imagine they take bishop and lose their queen XD

  12. After 11…. g6, doesn't white lose???
    (No he doesn't. I just checked. But you would still be lucky to get to that point as black has many better alternatives.)

  13. Waited 20 games for the final position to occur…. And everytime my opponent played a different move i resigned.

  14. I played against this. I was black.
    It's draw.

  15. No bro you capture the king into knight 😏

  16. La reine prend le cavalier et il n'y a plus échec et mat.

  17. When queen go to h5,
    Pawn g6……😢😢😢

  18. Him: Because no matter what they do…
    Them: takes my knight with their queen and ruins the trap.

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