Solve This If YOU Are a GENIUS | Chess Challenge | Endgame Puzzle, Moves, Ideas, Strategy & Tactics

#ChessChallenge – Solve This Chess Puzzle if You Are a Genius. In this chess video, I will show you an amazing chess miniature which was composed by Ottó Bláthy in 1922. This involves a lot of chess thinking in terms of strategy, tactics, moves & ideas. White has just one pawn and a king whereas, black has all his pieces. But still White can win this game. You need to find the best moves & ideas in which white can trap black in the corner and checkmate the black king. This is a really interesting & unique puzzle and you can learn some important chess concepts out of this brilliant endgame composition. This will help you in move calculation & emphasise on the idea of restriction in chess. I am sharing the solution as well, but I would suggest you try solving this on your own to test your chess skills. I also have another interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

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  1. me thinking black can move their pawns forward

  2. Couldn't you both move pawn up twice AND capture the bottom pawn? both shift parity by 1, so by doing both, it's same as doing neither (as in the demonstrated solution).

  3. Preview composition is simple as fck, king beats e1 and it's done.
    Edit: just as I said.

  4. It's like a toddler playing with a nukelear bomb…

  5. Cool video, would have been better if you were not asking for likes and subs so admently

  6. Just jump over that little thingy, turn left at that tower, bashing the Bishop. And there you have it. Going now. Check……….. mate.

  7. When our white knight got to c5, the black's queen gotta move back and when that happens, we can checkmate the black's king with our knight b3?

  8. Haha noobs, I never lost in this position!

    Because I never played it :/

  9. Queen to e8 check. Then rook× queen then Bishop to d5 checkmate

  10. 0:05 Boss, just go Kxe1, h4, h5, h6, h7, h=Q, Qh6, Qxd2#
    the knight is there
    I forgot
    oh shoot
    o dang
    o my…

  11. Puzzle answer


  12. The brilliant move is bishop to d5

  13. H4 should still be possible then no? If you play H4 and then play to take c4 first, wouldn’t the moves just cancel each other out thus leading to the same smothered mate?

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