Solve This If YOU Are a GENIUS | Chess Challenge | Endgame Puzzle, Moves, Ideas, Strategy & Tactics

#ChessChallenge – Solve This Chess Puzzle if You Are a Genius. In this chess video, I will show you an amazing chess miniature which was composed by Ottó Bláthy in 1922. This involves a lot of chess thinking in terms of strategy, tactics, moves & ideas. White has just one pawn and a king whereas, black has all his pieces. But still White can win this game. You need to find the best moves & ideas in which white can trap black in the corner and checkmate the black king. This is a really interesting & unique puzzle and you can learn some important chess concepts out of this brilliant endgame composition. This will help you in move calculation & emphasise on the idea of restriction in chess. I am sharing the solution as well, but I would suggest you try solving this on your own to test your chess skills. I also have another interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

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  1. Question if the white paun can go to the last square then why can't black go there aswell?

  2. Queen to e8 then if black becomes greedy and takes your queen bishop to d5 is a beautiful checkmate as if he moves the king to h8 or f8 the pawn can take the king and if the king takes the pawn the rook can take the king if he doesn't use the king then he's gone

  3. 4:48 Knight can be killed by the black pawn..sorry to say but it can't be solved dude

  4. White did checkmate before only in today's puzzle

  5. 1- bishop to b7
    2-rook to D1
    3-Queen to e8
    and the king is gone 😎😎😎

  6. At 3:31 answer is first rook to D1 then the blacks rook will take whites rook . Then knight to D5 . am I right?

  7. Queen to E8
    The rook takes the queen
    Then bishop check the king no choice but to use the queen to block it or rook it doesn’t matter anyway, then take the queen or rook with your bishop, no choice but to use the rook or queen to take it then take the rook or queen. Essentially you’ve won.

  8. At around 2:30 the pawn can turn into a queen move 2 spaces down and diagonally kill the rook then the king has to kill the queen and that is a checkmate by king

  9. Qe8 … after this it can be M2,M4 or anything but it has to be a checkmate

  10. you can move to h4 and then capture the second pawn then the first pawn will advance to c4 and you will win also.

  11. first we should go to queen e8 check ,a queen sacrifice the rook takes on e8 and finally bishop d5 is a stunning checkmate.

  12. what about pawn to h4 and capturing the c4 pawn first

  13. That puzzle is the game of Bobby Fischer. He played Qe8+ and then the opponent resigned. (Fun fact :- I saw that game on ur channel only.)
    Amazing video !!!!!

  14. It is better to capture the pawn on c5 before c4 because the pawn on c5 isn't immediately forced to move, it should postpone it, but Nd7 would make white want to move it to c4, a tempo which may or may not happen would influence the square the queen is on. If the queen isn't wading between the 2 squares in sync with the colors the knight is moving between, it would result in a draw. Always start with h3 and aim to capture on c5 first.

  15. Q to E8 check , black rook takes Q , white bishop to d5 checkmate.

  16. My solution to the last puzzle:
    Queen to e8 (check)
    Black respond by capturing queen
    Bishop to d5 and checkmate(I think)

  17. I think the timing here wasn't really necessary. I could just move the white king beside the black pawn and slowly move away until the queen is in the right slot for a checkmate.

  18. It's not a check mate that you shown the picture in thumbnail ,
    because F21 can kill EN1

  19. Queen to G7 is the best move as it is a checkmate

  20. dank you for diving me da combination do da computor

  21. Bro you are playing alone that will never work when your knight was infront of one you are dead cuz the pawn will kill it

  22. I will remember this in case I ever come across this position during a game

  23. I think in puzzle time, its mate in 32 by queen to e8 check because it is the only move. It is actually mate in 32 but its hard to see.

  24. queen to e8 forcing rook to move and bishop to d5 is a checkmate

  25. Its funny how you talk about the important concepts of chess, and then showing us a position that could never be actually played… Dumb video.

  26. The Puzzle is qe8, txe8, bd5+, te6, bxe6+, qxe6, f5xe6 and then white resings.

  27. Accept Jesus now he's coming he, s the son of god

  28. When to e8 check rook takes then bishop check then queen blocks we take with a pawn then he can't stop to the checkmate

  29. It's Qe8,yes it's a queen sacrifice ,if Nf8 ,then g takes f8=queen ,black won't survive vs two queens it's an easy mate,if rook takes the queen,bishop d5 ,however he defends he has to sac both his queen and rook for our bishop and white is clearly winning

  30. First, this knight on e1 is free to move so we'll capture this knight with our king, now black has one legal move Qa1, now we move our pawn to h3 , then black plays Qa2, keep moving your pawn, when your pawn reaches h8 , underpromote the pawn to a knight, then capture the c5 pawn, then the c4 pawn then Nxb3#

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