Simple & Powerful Opening for White – London System | Best Chess Moves, Strategy, Tricks & Ideas

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London System – Here’s a simple & powerful opening strategy for white, which can help you beat your opponents & win more chess games. These chess opening plans, moves, tactics, tricks and ideas, will help you advance to a really solid middlegame. We’ll look at the London system and all the best moves in different variations – Basic London, Jobava London, when to transpose into e5 openings, when to transpose into the Queen’s gambit etc. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Chess Openings – Introduction
0:11 What is the London system?
0:37 How to play the London system as White?
2:12 Ideal London setup for white
4:32 About Babbel
5:48 Main ideas in the London
6:47 London against early c5 line
8:38 London against Bishop f5 (Copycat line)
9:12 London against Knight c6
9:52 London against King’s Indian
11:31 Chess Puzzle

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  1. can you make a video on how to not get confused of Italian opening beacouse i will all ways get confused of it and nice video

  2. 1











  3. Whatever you said your words appears on the board so we are unable see the board clearly so remove the words from board we are unable to see the prices clearly

  4. What if the black moves c6 that will directly caputres center pawn

  5. Do you run on a chess board???? what is a lazy chess player???😡

  6. Rxe7+, Qxe7, Rxg8+, Kd7, Qxe7+, Kxe7, Rxb8 white is winning

  7. Rxe7…black will be left with just pawns and white will still have a rook left.

  8. Puzzle solution according to me
    Rook takes Knight, then black queen to rook is forced. The queen that was defending the rook is moved second white rook can take black rook and give check to King. Black can not block with sweety as it will be in white queen way so moving black king is forced. Then white rook can simply take the second black rook and end up with huge material advantage. From there it's very simple for white to win.

  9. What an irony, you sponsor Babbel while you can barely speak English yourself XDDD

  10. the queen and the knight is guarding the g8 square so first we move Pawn to d5 to threaten the queen, he can protect the queen with 2 options by directly with queen or with knight. if he decides to protect with queen then knight gone and checkmate with queen and if he decides to play knight to d5 then we take the rook at g8 it's a check and if he moves his king to d7 or f7 then boom another rook and if he try it with his queen then queen gone and in next move rook at b8 gone. And the counter to this is queen's sacrifice from black and taking 2 rooks from white.

  11. nice analysis of the opening I use most as white.

  12. Nice and helpfull video. Thanks for the video

  13. Just got defeated by this shit , and you tube suggested me this video

  14. You need to work on your French "r" sound in merci. See Learn French With Alexa and Comme Une Française on YouTube for pronunciation tips (it's very hard at first to use the glottal sounds, it helps to have a video).

  15. My answer: White play Rxe7(check), Black plays Qxe7, White plays Rxg8 check(check), Black can either play Kd7 or Kf7(both cases results to to the same outcome), White plays Qxe7, Black recaptures with the king, and then White plays Rxb8. This results in a winning endgame for white as white is up a rook.

  16. This video really helped me, and with this video I won my inter school chess competition and against such a guy, who won 3 conscutive inter school competitions

  17. That one indian person who knows everything you want to know

  18. Answer R×e7is a check and when they play king they're queen is gone,they'll just play Q×e7 then we will play R×g8 they're rook is gone,they has to play king they're another rook is gone and white is winning.

  19. I’m new to chess but wouldn’t it be better to move your bishop to e5 to get the easy queen? I noticed this at 2:09

  20. lol your subscribers are idiots. The puzzle's solution is the move Rxe7+. The opponent's King could move to either d8 or f8, but doing so would result in the loss of the black Queen, therefore the most logical move for black to play is Qxe7. White plays Rg8+.

    Black's options are to, a) Use the Queen to block the check …b) Move the king to safety. Black's first option loses a Queen, so the best moves in the position are either Kd7 or Kf7.

    It does not matter which of these moves black elects to play for his fate has already been decided. Qxe7+ …Kxe7 white trades the queens off the board & after the move Rxb8, he wins material & he will most probably win the game as well soon.

  21. 9:05 why can't the black just move his pawn from 6b to 7b? Someone please explain this to me

  22. Sir
    I admire your work to chess community.. You explain the concepts nicely…
    I was going through London system and got a doubt. Whether London system will be disturbed if Bishop moves to g4 in 3rd step…

  23. Puzzle solution :- pawnd5, if black queen take pawn white push his queen
    On e7 and game is over.

  24. When you playing against a gm, it doesn't work

  25. F7 move is good it took rock and the knight

  26. 6:14
    Why black moving the pawn to f6,it's just straight blunder,if black doesn't move the pawn he can easily capture the queen

  27. I always learn something with your videos. Thank you.

  28. Why do you not move what average chess players would move? You seem to play as if you want to lose the game.

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