Simple & Powerful Opening for Black – Pirc Defense | Best Chess Moves, Traps, Strategy & Ideas

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Pirc Defense – Here’s a simple & powerful opening strategy for black, which can help you beat your opponents & win more chess games. These chess opening plans, moves, tactics, tricks and ideas, will help you advance to a really solid middlegame. We’ll look at the Czech Pirc Defense and all the best moves in different variations (Classical, Austrian Attack, 150 Attack & Byrne variation) of the main line in the Pirc Defence. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let’s see if you can solve that.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Chess Openings – Introduction
0:48 Pirc Defense – First Moves
1:51 Czech Pirc Defense – Strategy & Ideas for Black
4:46 About Skillshare
5:59 Czech Pirc Defense – Strategy & Ideas for White
7:28 Pirc Defense – Main Lines
8:06 Pirc Defense – Classical variation
9:09 Pirc Defense – Austrian Attack
10:39 Pirc Defense – 150 Attack & Byrne variation
11:38 Chess Puzzle

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  1. Wait,what if instead of knight C3 what if white does pawn f3?

  2. I am Czech so from now on I am going to play the Czech defence every chance I get.

  3. The 150 Attack, it is said, got its name from British Grandmasters who joked that only players rated 150 (the English Chess Federation equivalent of around 1850 Elo) would play it. Maybe they're right. I'm around 1900 and the 150 Attack would definitely be my choice. As a Pirc player as black, I also find the 150 Attack the most dangerous to face.

  4. Hello sir, i am new to chess and my purpose to learn chess id get sharper observations, critical thinking and fun ofcourse. so i wanna ask, why should we use pre built strategies instead of observing and playing on own situations?

  5. Bro your voice makes me feel like im learning even more💀💀

  6. Would bishop to g5 be the best move for white?

  7. Informative and useful video,
    Very nice explanation.

  8. What if after black plays pawn c6 and white plays pawn f4,black plays quenn a5 but black then plays bishop d2….u didnt cover that

  9. உங்கள் விளக்கம் நன்று!

    ஆனால் செஸ் போர்டில் விளக்கவுரை ஸ்லைடு போடுவதால் மூவ்ஸ் தெரியவில்லை.

    இதைச் செப்பம் செய்து கொள்ள வேண்டும் என்று அறிவுறுத்துகிறேன்.


  10. For the puzzle I would take my biship KO g5 the queen will only have f5 to go to , then if the pawn moves to g6 I would take the knight and will try to check mate from g7 by queen

  11. I always prefer pirc defence . And you know what 100 % it works to win the game.🥳

  12. The puzzle : can i push my Bishop to d3 and other bishop to g5? That way i can trap their queen

  13. Women play chess too. Try using they/them instead of he/him.

  14. Bishop g5, queen f5 is the only safe move for black, then bishop d3 traps the black queen

  15. Tomorrow is my chess competition, I'm very damn scared bcz I'm from school and the other school is very big and focuses on sports the hardest 😖

  16. Your subtitles is hide the chess board

  17. Bishop to g5 then white bishop to d3 this traps the queen…🤝

  18. Question

    After Qa5 white plays Bd2 trying to pin queen…. What ever black plays next.. white play Kd5….. What is blacks next move? Because whites next move is Kc7…. Please explain…. That is what has happened if I put my queen to a5

  19. Good moves and we'll you're a good player I can say because of your moves we can detect your playing quality….but very minor blunders are there…have to be rectified because if the opponent is not so silly it has to be like Play with pan a but the real plan is b…. But thought it's good I've also learned some new moves in your video thank you….

  20. Hmm what I like about the game is anything is possible in defense if you must. 🤔 Challenging for sure. The opening is good. . .

  21. Unable to understand video because of that stupid translation write on screen half screen not seen by this issue 😒

  22. Do not understand due to this subtitles come on screen need to remove it

  23. Nice video! I’ve been studying chess with your videos. Maybe you can create a video about the Vienna?

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