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  1. you can also take the knight with your knight and then you defend the bishop

  2. I actually remembered this and ended up winning my game

  3. this is like, before you need to learn boxing, you need to knew where to punch so it is hurt for your enemy.. this so great tips! a really fundamental in chess

  4. Hey small suggestion don't say are you smart ? Bcs I'm not so i might swipe it

  5. Boi, as a German, here is the actual way to Pronounce "Zwischenzug" (no offense bro, I thought it you said "Switch n' Zuk) :

    The first Z is pronounced like a "ts" and the w like a normal w except sharper pronounced slightly aggressive/short/angrily – basically almost just an "f".

    "ischen" is pronounced like a short "i" in instructive with sch being pronounced like "sh"

    en is pronounced like "[en]d“

    Next Z is pronounced again like "ts"

    ug is pronounced like "l[ook] except the "oo" is pronounced short and the "k" is not as sharp

  6. are you smart? yes, cuz i solve that all

  7. Gothamm chess material i like more like this good tips etc!!!

  8. As a native German speaker everytime I hear levy say zWIcHenZuwG i have 3 heart attacks in the span of next 0.8 seconds

  9. I love your pronounciation of "Zwischenzug", it's kind of adorable to hear americans have a try with our weird words xD

  10. My mind directly after doing that move:

    Black: takes my pawn with pawn
    Me: takes pawn with queen

  11. I’m German and I love the pronunciation, but I do have a little critique: A “z” in German is pronounced more like a “ts”, and a “w” more like a “v”. So think of it as “Tsvischentsug”

  12. That 2nd improvement was no use, anyway u lose a bishop

  13. Sorry Levy but I scrolled at “are you smart?”

  14. ah, some random letter appear. must be a drunken german write the dictionary

  15. Zwischenzug, Zugzwang… as a German, I love how ppl pronounce them

  16. zwigenzugh beutifal(i spelt it wrong on purpose)

  17. I levy I can’t see the top of the board

  18. Why are so many moves in chest in german? I mean does it have like an actual reason

    I am from Germany myself, but why?

  19. Zwischenzug is by the way a german word (zwischen means like in the middle and zug means move or turn)

  20. Why are there so many random German words in chess? Zugzwang, Zwischenzug…

  21. I thought it was pronounced "danger levels"

  22. That’s genius
    I think I might have done it b4 actually

  23. It would be nice if we could see the whole board

  24. Its Not swichen sug
    Its pronounced Zwischen Zug
    (ˈtsvɪʃn̩ ˈtsuːk)

  25. I dont know if americans trying to say zugzwang or zwischenzug is worse as an austrian
    (No austria isnt australia you americans)

  26. What's the difference between this and a desperado

  27. as a novice chess player they it still just loojs like a trade i dont understand

  28. I actually did this before seeing this some how I used it to get a queen

  29. Or you can play knight d4, and when they take your bishop, you play knight b5,

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