Ponziani Opening TRAPS | Chess Tricks to WIN Fast | Brilliant Moves, Tactics, Ideas & Strategy

Ponziani Opening Traps – There are various chess opening tricks, strategies, gambits, moves, tactics and ideas that you can use to win fast. In this chess video, I will show you some secret ponziani variations that you can use to win more games. Most of these traps are for white & there is one line for black as well. This can be fun to try against your friends & opponents who have not seen such traps before. We will cover ponziani countergambit, ponziani steinitz gambit & jaenisch counterattack. This can be very effective against beginner & intermediate level players (almost 80% players fall for these traps). I also have an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.

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  1. B f7, Black's queen is forced to take and then Q c8 and it's a checkmate

  2. Queen to C8 king has to take queen then bishop to E6 black has only one legal move king to D8 then rock to C8 checkmate

  3. Puzzle answer is Bishop to d3
    Pawn can capture Bishop
    Then queen to c8 is check mate

  4. Please remove the subtitles, it's blocking the view.

  5. Jeetendra, your videos are the best. Very clear and concise! I have learned much. Thank you!

  6. Queen check from C8, king take Queen. bishop check from e6 double check then King move d8, Rook check from C8 checkmate!

  7. Bishop to F7 (if Quin captures bishop)
    Quin to C8 (Check Mate)

  8. Qf8+ king takes Q bd6+ ke8 Rf8 checkmste

  9. puzzle:queen, [c8](king is forced to take, bishop[e6] (double check with bishop and rook) rook,[c8] CHECKMATE

  10. "if he takes the pawn, then he is gone" -jeetendra advani

  11. what if the knight is on e5 and he moves the pawn to f6

  12. B×f7 , Rc8 or Qc8 is a checkmate even if he blocks with Nc6 we can take his queen then pawn takes bishop and queen takes pawn

  13. These tricks work every time when you play from both the sides🔥

  14. 2:50 you could have continued by check mating with the queen and then taking the horse while also threatening the castle

  15. Chess Puzzle answer: 1. Qc8+ (a beautiful queen sacrifice) Kxc8 is forced 2. Be6+ (Double Check) Kd8 is forced and then Rc8#.

  16. Well first of all we sacrifice the QUUEEEEEEEEEEEN(Qc8) the black king has to take, then we give a double check be6 and the only legal move for black is to go kd8 and after Rc8 then we have a beautiful checkmate

  17. Wow I was surprised that I got to solved that puzzle on a matter of seconds

  18. i would have done this move Bxf7 then if Qxbf7 then Rc7 mate

  19. that 20% people who doesnt fall for this trap🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿

  20. my opponent will be from the 20% of people🗿🗿🗿

  21. Him: 80% fall for this trap…
    Two million people who have already watched this: You underestimate our power💀

  22. Him : 80 percent people fall for this trap
    Me playing with the 20 percent ☺

  23. Chess puzzle answer:-bishop to C5,if the king moves forward it will be a check and only the black qeen can block the check, if the black queen blocks it will be taken out by the bishop or the pawn on f3 to take the black pawn on e4

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