Playing Chess VS Girlfriend? #chess #shorts


  1. Bewan chess online, who nick name chess girl?

  2. Anyone wanna play chess? 😶‍🌫️

  3. Okay? But why not move the king back to stop the skewer instead of taking the promoted knight? Even pushing a3 would be enough. The knight is trapped either way, so there's no reason you have up take it right away and lose the queen. You basically give away a free bishop for nothing.

  4. I saw the black lines on that white shirt kind of bending at some places as if there is gravitational pull (or push?) there…

  5. I knew I forgot something called moving backwards💀

  6. You became my Queen i became you're king 😎😾

  7. Girlfriend after losing the queen:
    Nao ha nada que possamos fazer

  8. I watch her videos cause she's damn pretty 🗿🤌✨

  9. If king takes pawn Queen takes Queen, the same but more early

  10. Что мешало съесть пешку?

  11. Honestly who tf would set up like this💀

  12. Tiene 2 inteligentes…

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