Playing Chess Until I Reach 1500 ELO | Day 18

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  1. tbh honest I like your videos, not going to lie for a sec. but as a 1592 myself, I think you should point out your mistakes in your videos and not act like they're sacrifices, while this is a good minset to keep in a game that every blunder is a sacrifice, you should point out that you made a mistake and explain if you have some type of compensation and how your opponent can fight against it, something that I see you're lacking a bit is finding the best moves for your opponent when calculating and playing a bit of "hope chess" wish you luck on your journey to whatever rating you want on your main and this was all constructive critisism, I know this is long but I will appriciate it if you can read all of it, I can tell that if you minimize the blundering you will get far

  2. You should spend some times reviewing your games because your not a gm your games aren’t perfect and you miss a lot of stuff. Don’t act like everything is under control and analysing is also a part of the game!

  3. You should start hitting a game review after your games

  4. Bro you are best I love your commentarry…

  5. 4:58 blundered a free bishop. push Pawn A6 and either win free bishop or remove defender of Knight.

  6. Bro makes me mad. Blundered like three pawns and then said his opponent was just aimlessly moving his queen when he was taking free pawns

  7. You should change the design of your chessboard and figures.

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