Piece activity is everything in a chess game

Activity of our pieces is a primary goal in chess, but newer players commit lots of mistakes around this theme.


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  4. This video was very enlightening! I had heard some of these ideas before, but you have a way of stating them in a fashion that makes things clearer for lower rated players. I haven't figured out what it is you're doing to make your points so clear, but it's great. Maybe it's just your way of addressing lower rated player psychology — where we get nervous, and what points we're not considering. But either way, thank you!

  5. Nice topic. Your videos helps me focus my teaching opportunities with my 3rd grade students. I really appreciate your tactical focus here. I'm enjoying the channel!

  6. Clear and simple explanations, while keeping things interesting! Great video!

  7. Damn these lectures are great. I have a 'krush' on this content 😉

  8. Amazing Video and Teaching Method. Most Youtubers don't teach ideas in such a simple manner. Thanks and keep making such videos.

  9. Irina is not only a fantastic chess player, but a natural teacher with excellent communication skills. I was very excited to discover her channel.

  10. Hey Irina, go get your Covid shot before you try to give anyone else advice.

  11. In the second position, what about Bxg4, fxg4, Nxe4, queen moves and then Nf2 with a fork?

  12. Beauty with a brain. 👍🏻👍🏻

  13. Yes it is, I may have one knight against a queen, two rooks and five pawns, but my knight is ACTIVE

  14. I like this advice on HOW to think and What to be considering when we play. This the kind of talk I'd want from a chess coach about my chosen moves.

  15. Please accept me as a student, i behave well and i am passionate about chess.

  16. I guess I would just trade the knight for two paws in order to stop the attack on my king

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  19. Not many streamers use the word 'nefarious'. Lovely word, and very apt to describe the intentions of anyone playing chess.

  20. In a relationship with the chess pieces..is sounding weird and odd…try being intellengent and not sexual to the pieces in how you understand a chess game.

  21. Hi Irina love your tuition can you do a lesson on how to defend a pawn storm on my king?

  22. Pawn structure has an impact on piece activity.

  23. I'm an artist so her beauties enough for me, let alone that brain.

  24. I had a game where my opponent was attacking my b4 pawn. I had a good postistion. If i defended with my good knight i would lose intiative. I decided to play rab1. To keep my good position. I checked the enginge. it was the best move. Activity is everything

  25. very clever, I hope to put the pgn in your future lecture, It will help alot

  26. Hair activity is just as important! 👍😁

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  28. I've really enjoyed these insightful videos that dial into the value of piece activity and the beautifully diverse number ways it can be achieved.

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  32. – Avoid placing pieces on squares with no potential (0:29).

    – Solve problems without compromising piece activity (4:07).

    – Be aware of and counter opponent’s plans against your pieces (8:20).

    – Prioritize piece activity when making decisions (12:37).

  33. Another great video. In the 1st example as BLK I totally would've panicked and played Nh7. But seeing Nh5 and allowing WHT to take and then we go g6, Kh7, BLK is totally fine, and h file is blocked. This is important to understand. Panicking and getting passive can actually make you MORE likely to get mated!

  34. Glad that i found this channel and for ur vídeos

  35. Thanks Irina! Are you thinking of starting a Patreon account? I'm in ….learn a lot from you.

  36. My two cents: chess students (ELO < 1800) should play e4 openings, preferably gambits (Morra, Scotch Gambit, Moeller Attack etc.) Start learning with things like Nimzo doesn't make sense.

  37. I think I am prone to this, so thanks for the lesson.

  38. you are such a great orator, I could listen to you all day!

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