STREAMER vs STREAMER in a LIVE Tournament!! This was really an incredible match by both players!

Looking forward to future games vs @Road2GM3000


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  1. I have also played with him but in that I lost

  2. Great trap to the end with your knight!

  3. Fantastic, how you know the line so deep in opening? ?!:) isnt it insane!!! 🤩

  4. You inspire me very much to the point i premove every move i make

  5. I'm a simple guy. I see a new upload by Zach, i click

  6. Zach makes everything looks easy for some reason

  7. keep up the good work you bound to get a title one of these days

  8. Keep this amazing work and the quality content up maybe you can be an IM one day😊❤

  9. is this the amount of books/theory moves pros normally play or are we just trash and dont know about theory

  10. This guy always so happy man I wanna be like him

  11. 4:19 i think knight takes first was better cuz if he takes, the promotion square is defended and if he doesn't take u still have a powerful knight in the center…i could be wrong im 1500 only

  12. I have a question. Which chess theme have you taken fir the board?

  13. Does Zach know the definition of perfect? lol

  14. Well played! That’s amazing. Also, what’s the name of the music that starts at around 2:30? Love it

  15. Bro, are you a student? How do you earn a living? How much time you give to chess a day? Please make a video regarding these questions. I am a college student and want to get at least your rating.
    I am 1200 🙃

  16. 10:38 I was actually wondering about this position… initially I thought white will lose at least 1 pawn, either b6 or d4; white had Nc4 here to defend b6 but then d4 falls

    So I then noticed, what if e5 first and after the knight on f6 moves, play Nc4? Defends b6 pawn directly and the d4 pawn tactically bc if …Qxd4??, white has Bxh7+ Kxh7 Qxd4

    The lines I was then considering was e5 Nd5 Nc4 Nxb6 Nxb2 or e5 Ne8 Nc4, haven't checked an engine so not sure which of the two (or something else?!) lines should be better.

  17. ay bro what is that tag spamming in the desc @thechessnerd

  18. Playing c5 was a big mistake i think defending the e pawn with either f pawn or rook would be almost winning for white since either pawn push is not good for black as after a6 bishop back the b pawn will be blockaded by knight and there is little hope in this position and after b 6 the bishop gets to a6 so the pushing of pawns needs to be delayed and prepared in more detail while whites pushing of pawn also needs more support. Its all about keeping the tention which is always one of the main themes in higher lvl games (2000+elo). You did a great job at keeping the tention and your opponent cracked under the pressure which you utilized perfectly great job 🙂

  19. Nice theory knowledge! How much time do you spend, exploring theory?

  20. If you play this line, you play theory, no way around.

  21. good work @thechessnerd!!!, ur videos are amazing! love the music! +1 sub!!

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