PAINFUL 600 Elo Chess Match

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  1. Oh damn didn't realise I bought tickets to the GUN show

  2. Meanwhile I’m too scared to move my queen until the endgame😭

  3. I am a 600 elo and i dont know why but i think my clocks run faster

  4. Black: how many checks want to give with your queen?
    White: yes

  5. Levy: Stop giving checks!
    Also levy: Always look for checks.

  6. I promise you on my dino nuggets, I was expecting the pawn h4 move at the beginning.

  7. Im a 500 elo player but my opponents don't even play like that, NOWHERE near all of that blunders and mistakes.

  8. I’m not 600 elo yet but I know like 10x more of what to do then these guys

  9. I once watched 2 guys on a street in Riga, Latvia and they were fighting over half a pill of fake percocet.

  10. If anyone asks why Levy has over 3 million subs send them this video 😅

  11. tbh at the end I was expecting black to promote 2 Queens and then blundering both 😬

  12. Im (technically) a 400 player, and half of this i saw immediately

  13. As a 400 elo i do not go aggressive and im not an idiot this is kind of offending

  14. "The king drank too much water and tripped."

    Yea Gotham after everything this is where you decide to make the content child friendly lol

  15. Is it just me that is like 500 rated but every game I am rated 1300 after the games over. Like all my opponents are smurfs and I even won 3 tournaments. I think it was because I played bad on my placement elo

  16. My elos rn is 670 but I don't understand how this 600s are so bad bro lmao

  17. As someone who is a 600 ELO player, this 600 ELO match is like 300 ELO

  18. Doesn't nd3 win the queen because it's a discoverd check

  19. You could’ve at 10:15 you black could’ve won the queen Because the discovered check but they were 600

  20. You should watch 200 elo chess it is just painful

  21. Why cant I get 600 players that do this bafoonary 😂

  22. if I could, I would play against you, most likely embarrassing myself, but at least I could learn close to a few things that may help me. I am a bit above 400 Elo, but I like to play for fun sometimes

  23. A player who relies purely on the queen will not trade it up. White was one dimensional.

  24. “You literally could’ve won by mistake” is the funniest thing I’ve heard

  25. why don't I get these 600s in my games? In my games, the 600ds play like GMs

  26. I am 800 in blitz and I was randomly playing a blitz game, I won by resignation
    after I checked the game review, I saw that the accuracy was nuts, it was also the game that I got my first brilliant move

  27. I am smooth brained at chess and I think I'm only maybe slightly better than these folks

  28. “Kids he drank a lot of water then he tripped 🤣”

  29. I ACTUALLY GUESSED PAWN H4 AT 3:11 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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