ORIGINAL SIGMA Magnus Carlsen!🗿 #shorts

Magnus Carlsen GOATED 🐐

Video: ChessBase India
edited by: Abhyudaya Ram

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  1. Magnus will live his lifetime as the best and die with nobody being able to take his throne of a century

  2. Pragnanadha be like : Iska to game bajaana padenga😂😁

  3. Nice edit of Magnus kidos ro team chess base India

  4. Time will tell
    We will see what time has in store

  5. Magnus Carlsen is the greatest chess player of all time.

  6. He has an IQ of 190. He can literally bully anyone with his mind alone.

  7. Magnus is best player in the world at present, but not every time, i will respect magnus carlsen, but after some years best player is coming from india.

  8. Ding liren be like:- I am about to end this man's whole career.

  9. Maybe pragg, gukesh or someone else but yes he is going to be an indian ❤

  10. Magnus cannot be the best player forever. Some youngster is gonna overthrow him as the world champion in Max to max 5 years. Those who don't agree don't understand chess.

  11. Fischer is the best chess player ever.magnus is not even near his level

  12. This was answered a long time ago. The next Best Chess Player is Drunk Magnus. No wonder why He answered "NO, That's not gonna happen"

  13. Meanwhile Ding and Nepo playing world championship.
    World Champion at home:

  14. I'm your fan Carlsen but… what you said is not gonna happen!

  15. It could be Arjun erigaisi or Praggnanandha 🧐

  16. Original farming views from Magnus Carlsen video 📸

  17. 1. Magnus Carlsen
    2. druk Magnus Carlsen
    3. sleepy Magnus Carlsen
    4. Tired Magnus Carlsen
    5.Bored Magnus Carlsen
    6. sleeping Magnus Carlsen
    7. Firouzja
    8. Nepo
    9. Hikaru

  18. I want to comment
    Song name – " onion mera , lasan mera"

  19. niice edit, i like this channel shorts

  20. Plz tell me this music name. I beg 🙏🙏🙏

  21. Good chess player but sigma ? Cmon you seen this dorks hair ?

  22. as i know my grandfather who was around 75+ age still play chess after i turn 4 he died i didn't know much.

  23. Magnus is the goat , no one is gonna surpass him.

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