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  1. Won yesterday with Italian opening going for the fork with Knight F2. Opponent castled – i guess he premoved this move – so i took his Queen. Instant Resing.

  2. The problem is that my opponent are also watching this video

  3. It all fun and games until black plays f5

  4. What if King goes to E8 after knight to G5 check

  5. Stupid question, but what is the best next move for white, if instead of black king moving to G8, black instead moves king to G6?

  6. Now i just wait for some to play the alehkine defence👍👍💪

  7. I will try it today and hopefully not get destroyed as not remembering the complete line

  8. if they end up playing g6m do I just resign or what do I go for as to maybe get them to mess up somewhere?

  9. if black finds g6 though, you're gonna have a BAD time 😀

  10. But who would start with the knight tho?

  11. Lol I just pulled that off againts 2301 player in blitz. Great trap!

  12. It came up, and I remembered I had watched a video on it. Then I played another move.

  13. This trap is bad for white though after it gives up the bishop there is no recovery… This trap only works if they follow this line, if the opponent knows the line and plays properly…

  14. I tried it and got checkmated in 4 moves LOL

  15. Take the pawn with the Bishop
    Sac the Bishop to safe the game

  16. Stop right there! Is not any Queen to E8, is bishop sacrifice capturing the freaking killer white pawn.

  17. What if the white squared bishop captures the pawn?

  18. I'd need to play e4 to take advantage of this lol

  19. These videos don't really work in the Shorts format because the top of the video gets cut off. I can only see up to the seventh rank.

  20. We can’t see the whole board in iphone

  21. This makes me think a 2300 lichess is about a thousand points overrated.

  22. What's the eval after g6? I don't play blitz idk about this

  23. Is it dirtier than hiding a butt engine in your butt?

  24. Let me know how it goes?
    I forget a few step and lose my queen

  25. wowwwww, i need to take a shower after that one, especially as i play the alekhine on occasion

  26. I hate when I fall for these types of openings lol

  27. congrats to anyone who can remember all these openings.

  28. i would play h6 instantly , so i take the bait hehe

  29. I love when agadmator talks dirty lines to me

  30. As an Alekhine's Defense enjoyer, I still remember when I first fell for this. Anyway, 4. … Nb6 is not the only line and really not as forcing as agad makes it out to be. 4. … dxe5 5. Nxe5 e6 is also a simple option.

  31. "I have defeated 2300 Players with this opening" 2300 times the same opening?? WoW

  32. I reckon,
    you play the eye-yeck-in!
    But I dont,
    cus the opponents wont!

  33. Would love to try this, but it's not a defense people play at my rating

  34. full chess board is not showing…plz fix it bro

  35. This might be the best video essay on YouTube

  36. I like it!! Someone has probably said this but why not put the Closed Captioning across the top of his picture screen. Like seeing the whole board.

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