One Of The Most Instructive Chess Games Ever Played

One Of The Most Instructive Chess Games Ever Played – Alexander Kotov vs Svetozar Gligorić, Candidates 1953, Zurich.

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  1. Nice Game I thought White would take it the progress he was making Black did seem relegated to being on the defensive throughout the Game The Draw Accepted Ok Thanks For the Game Always Enjoy your Analysis and Breakdown of the Games

  2. $skg8311 bless me with gas so i can doordash and work

  3. Yep. It’s Sunday. I don’t actually play chess but a breakdown of a 70 year old game ?, sign. Me. Up.

  4. Kotov includes that game in his book Think Like a Grandmaster.

  5. Have you thought about Epic swag, like putting it on a hat or shirt perhaps?

  6. Have you read Bronstein's 'Zurich International Tournament of 1953" ? One of the best books on chess in terms of actually improving how you think about the game and play it, and Kotov's think like a grandmaster is pretty good but I think everyone intuitively gets to Kotov's points by the time they hit 2000 or more ELO

  7. When I was young, I met Gligorić about 1973…He plaid simultaneous 20 boards game at our college. If I can remember, he won 18 and draw 4 of them…He was really nice and charismatic gentlemen!

  8. I've always loved gligoric. not because of his style of play, just because his name is so pleasant to say x)

  9. Poor bishop not having a good time 😂

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