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Here’s one of the greatest chess games ever played between Rashid Gibiatovich Nezhmetdinov (white pieces) & Mikhail Tal (black pieces) at the USSR Championship in Baku in 1961. Reviewing this game we’ll learn some of the best ideas & sacrifices from the greatest attacking players in chess history. We’ll analyze how they play – their strategy, moves, traps, ideas & tactics. Playing Tal, Super Nez setup a great trap by making an exchange sacrifice, then opening up the center & attacking the king, which ultimately forced Mikhail Tal to resign! Tal was a true gentleman and exhibited the highest level of sportsmanship. When asked what the happiest day of his chess life was, World Chess Champion, Mikhail Tal stated it was this day when he lost to Rashid Nezhmetdinov and later, they also went to become very good friends. This game features the Scheveningen Variation of the Sicilian Defense – Najdorf line. I also have an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.


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  1. we have to just move the queen ♛ only 1step

  2. Rf8+, Kxf8, Kf6+(forking the king and the queen.

  3. We have to move the rook to checkmate the king. First we will move the rook one step . In second step we will move the queen behind rook and then check mate

  4. It's mean sacrifice kroge tab hi crest pr pahuchoge 👍🎯

  5. rook f8 check. king is forced to capture and knight e6 forks king and queen. wherever king moves, knight captures queen and if pawn take knight queen takes knight and its winning

  6. world of differentiation and integration says:

    Horse to f1. Because the only way for the king is to move to the g2 to prevent king from getting checkmate ..

  7. Check with Rook and fork Knight to king and queen

  8. 6:00 ANSWER TO THE PUZZLE IS Rook f8, yep, sacrificing the rook to reposition the king. Of course, the king has no options but to take: King takes f8, then we play knight to e6 check, forking the queen and king.

  9. Rf8chq-Kf8
    Qc5and so on…

  10. R-f8 check , q-f3 check, qf7 check, ke6 check and qc7mate

  11. Best move for white is Q f3 and Q f8 checkmate

  12. For white wining we should play do ladder technique but two pawns are stoping so we should play bishop th G4 then now rook to h6 then the we should activate ladder technique

  13. The answer is Rf8+ K×f8 Ne6+ King want to move whatever we will take The QUEEN

  14. Rook f8 is best move and king has to take and then knight to e6 with a royal fork

  15. Knight to e6 the Black's queen has been attacked and queen has to move to e3 and then rook to f8 is a beautiful checkmate

  16. Rook on f8 and kings takes then knight goes to e6 fork on king and queen then queen takes then knight takes and we simply capture the Black's knight etc etc… am i right or not ???

  17. knight to 6, queen is forced to move then rook to f8 is a stunnning checkmate

  18. best move of the puzzle

    white -> rook from f2 to f8
    (check to black )
    black king is forced from
    black-> g8 to f8
    white 's knight ->g5 to e6
    hence black king is in the check and black's queen is in trap and is eliminated by knight .

  19. That is a beautiful game. I like this channel. Commentary straight to the point. Some channel discussion long winding GM should play this or that till I lost the plot. This is how commentary should be done, short and simple.

  20. rf4 then pawn to f4 and then qe8 is a check mate
    or if takes the rook withe theen our pawn is killing it

  21. Rf8+
    if Kg8
    if Ke8
    Ne6+ (Royal fork)

  22. Puzzle ans. Night to e6 and rook to f8 and it's a mate

  23. Puzzles answer rook check the night check win queen

  24. Rook check then fork enemy queen your up by piece

  25. First of all, I want to say how great your channel is. It’s always so clear and concise, which is a real skill.

    Secondly, I want to say that this game is exactly why I admire players like Tal and Nezhmetdinov. They weren’t concerned with winning. They just wanted to create. They were artists in a way that few people, not just chess players, often are.

    Oh, and thirdly, I found the solution to your puzzle. It’s fairly simple.

    1. Rf8+ Kxf8
    2. Ne6+ Kf7
    3. Nxd4 exd4
    4. Qxg4

    Nice little attraction tactic to get a fork.

  26. We will move white knight to e5 then black queen will be forced to move on d6 then we will move white castle to f8 then king will be dead
    No google

  27. puzzle solution : 1st move should be a roooookkk sacrifice to f8 then the king captures it then the knight gives a fork and sweetie is gone ::

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