Nuts & Bolts Chess Set – Chess Board DIY

Valu Home Centers shows you how to turn a handful of nut & bolts into a one-of-a-kind chess set!

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  1. That is some serious creativity manπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ†β—οΈ

  2. Thank you so much, definitely going to use this concept soon …cheap but ingenious and beautiful

  3. And then this iron about welding,this heavy duty!

  4. Great video. I am literally making one right now. Hopefully my video will drop soon.

  5. Not to my taste, but I love your creativity

  6. When you have no money but you want to play chess

  7. A chess set that anyone can use. No "graven images". Just art.

  8. acorn nuts on the tops of the bishops would be better, if you hunt down the ones with the pointed end (they come with a very round ball end or a pointed sorta cone like tip, and the latter works better for that pointed tip bishop shape, especially if you can get the ones with an exaggerated pointed tips. πŸ™‚ )

  9. My husband and I made 2 of these many years ago for our sons for Xmas! They were to make and our sons loved them.

  10. Isn't the board colors wrong? Black should be on left bottom?

  11. Seems a great idea but won't the nuts & bolts move & come loose as they're handled & moved around each time?

  12. Nice job, clean and simple… Well maybe not clean.

  13. That was so cool. I think this would be a great project to do with my son. He is interested in learning to play chess.

    I started teaching him and in no time he was really challenging me. Of course that is not saying much.

  14. That’s cool! I may try this. I wonder if sticking the tiles to a magnetic sheet would be enough to hold the pieces.

  15. I've been toying with a similar idea, but maybe a bit more developed. For instance using stainless steel and bluing the "black" figures.
    My 12 year old nephew made a useable chess set out of some of his LEGO bricks. I think there's no limit to what you can use to make a chess set.

  16. Such a cool concept. Especially for someone who has a lot of bolts and nuts lying around

  17. I made mine different. Rooks are long hex nuts, period. Pawns are bolts with acorn nuts on top.

  18. This video would have been more amazing if you would name the pieces used to make the chess pieces.

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