Nine Easy Ways to Make Chess Fun

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  1. Where'd the board and pieces come from? Looking on Amazon and I haven't seen any pieces that seem to look as nice as the ones you have in the video.

  2. (Dobutsu) Shogi in the Greenwood. That is all. It's better than biscuits. I cannot believe Shut Up Sit Down have not reviewed it. Chess with a spawning ability, Chicks with special powers. Giraffes, cats, dogs that stay with their owner, Wild boars that can only charge in a straight line… Who knew that a game slightly more complex than Chess would do away with an entry bar? Well, that is, if you are friends with Ebay. This is Shogi Baby!

  3. For guys the poop on chess quite a lot, that's an expensive set you've got there Quins. Hmmm maybe you don't hate chess as much as you say.

  4. I was interested in the game variants but my brain crashed when I heard about a skateboardist popping a wheelie…

  5. New pieces
    New boards
    Draft Mechanic
    New obstacles on the board

    -Why has no one done this or even suggested this? 'Especially with online chess.
    Toss in instants and sorceries as well.

  6. Another fun digital variant on the same level of fun as 5d Chess is Chess Evolved Online.
    It's like Chess, but your side of the chess board is actually a ccg deck (akin to Warhammer)

  7. Try Doubutsu Shogi, its a surprisingly deep mini-chess game.

  8. Eita porra! O cara entende tanto de xadrez que monta o tabuleiro errado. šŸ˜‚ Inverteu a posiĆ§Ć£o dos cavalos e dos bispos.

  9. Consider Reverse Chess: The winner is the first player to lose all their non-king pieces. If you can take a piece, you must.

  10. Is it on purpose that his atomic chess setup has knights and bishops swapped?

  11. Damn you sir! You have peeked my interest in a game I normally would have ZERO interest in! Good day to you, Sir! Good day, Sir!

  12. Any games or rules for single player chess? I'm a loser with no family or friends.

  13. In synchronistic chess, what happens if both players move to the same square?

  14. I prefer zombie chess. Depending on the handicap you only start with one piece, but every captured pieces turns to your own.

  15. 2 other chess videogames that I quite enjoy is regicide, a 40K themed chess game where you can play classic chess with the pieces flavoured as orks and space marines or alternatively play ā€œregicideā€ mode where pieces can shoot eachother, use grenades and other abilities.

    The other is shotgun king which is chess but the black king has a shotgunā€¦.. itā€™s a fun turn based game with upgrade trees and quite a bit of replayability

  16. Great VID…try this one… I GUARANTEE you'll love it! Contents: 3 chess boards, 2 complete chess sets. Players… ONE referee, TWO players. SETUP: two chess boards face each other, with a wall or block between them (neither player can see one another. The Referee has BOTH sets aligned perfectly and cannot be seen by either player. One player gets black, the other one white… NEITHER players can see the other one's pieces… blank boards. **Take care that the boards are completely aligned dark and light. PLAY: WHITE moves first…despite the fact he cannot where any other player is, strategy still exists. Black and WHITE move as they always do. THE REFEREE makes all the moves on his/her complete board. NOW… any player, in the case of an advancing pawn, can ask THE REFEREE IF their move is LEGAL. THE REFEREE tells the player what is the LEGAL MOVE, or IF a long move can be accomplished. CAPTURE: WHEN a piece is captured, THE REFEREE says TAKE, and removes the taken piece, putting it on the player's side (the player who lost it.) Game play continues as normal. CHECK is called, even though the "checked players" has no idea what direction the CHECK came from. EVENTUALLY… enough pieces will be lost, and one King will find itself tracked down… the game ends, in a usual way. AFTERWARD: EACH PLAYER played two games as white and black… AND is the referee… the imagination created can be great fun… it's a great afternoon's worth of fun… especially, since when a piece is taken…the player NEVER KNOWS how or IF the piece is supported by a wealth of other pieces.

  17. i think he hates chess because he hates to lose but sucks at chess.

  18. duck chess is awesome but absolutely does not solve chess problem, just makes it harder lol. Fog of war is super cool and actualy makes the playing field way more level. And also was super storied to see some historic footage knowing you from people make games

  19. chess evolved online not shown ;-; chess evolved online fun.

  20. I love chess and i thought this was a great video but i take mild offense to the fact that he just said that chess is boring

  21. I like the variant called King of the Hill. You can win by traditional checkmate or by being the first to walk your king to the hill represented by the 4 central squares. Also duck chess looks fun but I havenā€™t played it yet.

  22. Chess is like a sparring match between martial artists. At high levels they play multiple games per match, like how in a sparring match they fight in rounds. Both players get thrown or punched or kicked after quick positioning, feints, and jabs, and come back swinging with a different tactic. At low levels, though, you're not tough enough to take a beating yet, so the first time you lose it's like being thrown by a judo expert, and you land wrong, and you're sore for three days. That doesn't make judo terrible, and it doesn't make chess terrible either. It just makes it a game that has a higher barrier to entry, like taking up boxing or karate.

  23. The problem with these variations is the lack of an opponent. Consider skytear horde.

  24. Canā€™t wait for the tabletop adaptation of FPS Chess

  25. A chess video game I find fun is ā€œFPS chessā€, which is exactly how it sounds. It is regular chess, but whenever you take an opponentā€™s piece or vice versa, the attacking piece and the attacked piece have a duel. The duel puts you into the perspective of your piece, and each piece has different abilities and weapons. Pawns have muskets, knights have bows, bishops have shotguns, bishops rooks have snipers, queens have machine guns, and finally, kings have swords. The winner of the duel takes the opponents piece. Sometimes against a good player, I get destroyed by a single pawn.

  26. Bug House, with no spawn on the back 2 rows, 5 min timer, best board game ever.

  27. 1:02 Quinns I donā€™t mean to be a bummer, but thatā€™s not a check you just lost a bishop as his pawn can take.

    Jajshhsndndhhdndmdjcjjxhnsnajaj$Jajshhsndndhhdndmdjcjjxhnsnajaj$isjjsnsnhshshdhhdbdhhdhdhhdhhdhhdhcghaisjdkqpeufhcn cmckpapaij
    And thatā€™s how that move can result in you losing

  28. I'm still waiting for a playable iteration of Imperfect Chess.

    I've only heard it talked about in game theory, since Chess is considered the classic example o a game with perfect information. Cheesh clearly has imperfect info, but it's done for the lulz. It's little too imperfect, since you have no reliable info.

    I'd want to see chess with imperfect info, and I guess it'd have to be a video game, where maybe you can only see your opponents pieces if you within a certain proximity or are able to attack them. Knights could then operate like scouts, able to see what they can attack AND what they can jump over.

  29. I feel the same way about the difference between chess and Go .

  30. What is the book "Breasts & Eggs" about? I saw it in the background at 10:32 and 10:44 (while you were talking about getting spanked)…

  31. The player with three knights can't really win the peasants revolt

  32. Chess is not only 2 players though, there are puzzles, compositions and what not that can be enjoyed as well. A bit puzzling that while go had a great review, chess was seen as so dry. It is not (even checkers is great for that).

    Already chess puzzles are pretty nice, it is like a sudoku so to speak.

    Further being good at chess is not necessarily a reason to say "I am more intelligent than you".

    But yes, variants are cool

  33. Eh, sure, the end of a chess game is always a failure for one player. But personally, that doesn't make it less fun for me. Failure's just a learning experience. Part of the fun is going back and trying to puzzle out what you did right and wrong that led to you being checkmated. THAT'S when you grow!

  34. what an odd and frankly, somewhat immature, attitude to losing.

  35. Why is the board set up wrong throughout like half of the video?

  36. As a fairly good chess player, I think that chess can be fun even if losing. But aside from the game proper, one of the best trollish-kind of feel-good moment, almost like a folk-game from early SUSD podcasts, is when playing with some mates who don't know you too well, act like you've never played it before and have them teach you the game, then try to win against them, but in such a way that no one for a moment can even guess that you actually know the game, if they even start betraying suspicion that you might be better than you pretend to be, you lose immediately. It's kind of like the 'Sad Room' folk game, in that it can only be played once with each group of people

  37. Awesome. Love chess but there's no fun. It too tense. Will be trying all these out. Only problem is all my friends are stuck in the mud traditionalists. You forgot to mention drunken chess. And strip chess. Food chess each piece represents a different bit of food your opponent has to eat when a piece is taken.???

  38. I am surprised that Shogi wasn't brought up. I know it's not really chess, but it is often called Japanese chess. Very curious if this is also a "bummer" game.

  39. What about knightmare chess. My son just met you recently and told you his favorite game was chess. šŸ˜ƒ

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