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Welcome to the Chess Steps Series, where I teach you various concepts on your road to being a superstar chess genius. This is Episode 1.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Game 1 vs 205
14:21 Game 2 vs 411
26:06 Game 3 vs 548
41:57 Game 4 vs 540

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  1. For those of you wondering. To save you some time, yes, at 6:13 it is significantly better to take the knight with bishop and pursue from there

  2. This taught me how to calculate the pieces I see walking around.

  3. Gotham once again proving that he is not just a great entertainer but also a fantastic teacher.

  4. great video, but we'd like some more about 0-500 cuz most of us are there.

  5. After watching this video I’ve won 3 games in a row! Now just broken 300 ELO

  6. oh my god thank yo Mr. Levy this is going to help me in my chess torment's.

  7. How can you recover from taking that bishop with your pawn at f3?! Amazing series, very instructive

  8. Ngl I’m one of the mistakes that people are mating (that’s why I clicked on this video)

  9. If you feel like your opponent played above their level, like YogaDad, etc.,, you might take the sting out of losing on air by sharing (tactively) the level at which they played that one game.

  10. one difference i see between you and me ( 450 elo ) is that you focus on many more pieces at a time before making a move.

  11. Lots of instructions for us beginners!

  12. You're really good man, really informative while also making fun content !!

  13. This is such a good video…I think I'm going to share it with my son

  14. At 8:54 even bishop e4, their bishop takes? Rook e4 and it's mate with to h4 then queen h8 and nothing can stop it. their bishop doesn't take? Yours takes theirs. Their queen takes. Rook e4, their queen takes? Knight takes queen, knight takes pawn on f6 and that's mate. Their queen doesn't take? Rook g4 is game. White could've won multiple ways

  15. What is a stalemate? 😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️😶‍🌫️

  16. I've only watched two games so far but this is so helpful!!!

  17. I was averaging a 250-300 elo a week ago, up to 350 now and just got accused of cheating. I said "That's a huge compliment, I just been watching a lot of Gotham Chess on youtube!"

  18. Ive watched this whole video twice and im still 500 elo. Clearly Levy sucks, right?

  19. The time flew by . . . . Love the series and looking forward to next . . . . Vacations are great 😊

  20. Guys plz tell me that someone saw a nate in 2 in the first game itself which gotham didnt talk about bcoz im freling really weird that i found a mate in 2

  21. First i skipped this one then 100 games later ive humbled myself😂

  22. Dark Squared Bishop to H4,
    Knight to G5,
    Then mate with White Bishop to H7

  23. Ok, that's my new motto. "Put your pieces out, just like Gotham told you to!" 😄

  24. That 200 elo was totally a smurf lol, at least a 700

  25. Really enjoy your content- I will be watching this entire series, probably more than once.

  26. 18:51 If the queens are gone, rooks with knight is better than rooks with bishop at low levels. They'll blunder a fork eventually.

  27. I finally taking this as a hobby ( many years of being curious about it but never attempted to try it😅)

  28. I am 120 and i see that one of my biggest problems is that I check mostly with queen the enemy king, so what can I do best to improve this ? Developing knights and bishops and rocks?

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