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  1. You cannot move your king into a checked position. Kings cannot touch

  2. OMG it’s a video without Magnus in it😱😱😱

  3. Definitely don't let kings touch, you can't put your king on a file controlled by a rook as you'd be in check, so similarly you can't put your king on a square controlled by a king as you'd be in check.
    So the kings not touching rule isn't a rule at all, its just a consequence of not putting yourself in check.

  4. I think there should be last move of capturing king it will make game little more intresting

  5. That was because the king was a decoy, the pawn was the real king!!

  6. Ah yes, the ingenious king sacrifice

  7. "Apparently kings can touch?" out of context is funny and weird

  8. Must be a trans king and not know what it is

  9. If you make an oversight that bad you deserve to see your king captured

  10. …then Hikaru took the king and won by 1st degree murder.😂

  11. They are probably Gay Kings, that's why they are touching each other.

  12. I actually like the idea that if your opponent makes an error like this, you are allowed to capture their king and win without receiving a penalty yourself

  13. Why didn’t Hikaru just capture with his king??

  14. Just suppose that the king moves onto a square protected by another of his pieces while attacking the enemy king. Enemy king must run or lose by capture. Implications?

  15. Is the king he or she or they or themselves or someone else or maybe an IT, or soon an AI without a penis…. 😂🤣😂

  16. I mean like every piece gets captured so why not the king?

  17. Not really a new rule, just a mistake with a bunch of fuss attached

  18. Yes time to change some rules for once

  19. Me who never played chess:wait you cant kill kings or capture

  20. Real fight till die if the kings touch

  21. Checkmate is basically capturing the king

  22. Being able to capture even the king is actually the same checkmate, we just don't continue and know that the king has been captured.

  23. Yes There should be a rule we can capture the king

  24. Lmao Code Geass did first, they didn’t do nothing new!

  25. Bro in all the heck checking this king by one rook and a king this happened

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