My 5 Most Brilliant Chess Moves

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My 5 Most Brilliant Moves

0:00 Intro
0:53 Brilliant Move 1
6:30 Brilliant Moves 2
10:15 Brilliant Move 3
16:46 Brilliant Move 4

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  1. I highly appreciate the Schnitzel pfp on the German player.

  2. i have never had a brilliant move

  3. I just started playing chess again today, got a brilliant move, then I had +17 pieces, and then I stalemated… feels bad

  4. iam blue dabldi dabldai je jej j sakkdfdklfjdfdjdsjdfsjdfjdfjdsd im blue bkla llalsaabnfdasmhdfujasijfqa

  5. and he sacrifices THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I was waiting till he said THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!

  7. " He closed his account but i doubt it was from some form of PTSD" !!!!!!! STOPP BROO

  8. 21:02 and 20:35 white has mate 1. Bg6 Ke7 2. Qf6# and 1. Bg6 Nf7 2. Qxf7 Kd8 3. Qxf8+ Be8 4. Qxe8# So, that mate existed.

  9. Rook sacrifices always have to be brilliant when only the king is defending the square like my first brilliant move

  10. 'The king looks better naked' King Charles 'Write that down, write that down!'

  11. just got my first brilliant move… i thought it was a blunder after i moved 💀

  12. I was so hyped when I played my second brilliant move it was a knight fork with a discovered attack on a rook, and my opponent played one more move and resigned, for a split second of my life I was Mikhail Tal

  13. It’s too bad I can’t get a brilliancy when trying to get a girlfriend…

  14. magnus carlsen gambit: levy rozman variation

  15. The last one is Super Genius to choose 🤣🤣

  16. “If you can’t last 3 minutes, that’s a skill you must develop not just for chess” THIS MAN IS BRUTAL 💀 🤣

  17. I always love his little funny side. Always love that 3 minute skill.

  18. 10:25 bro levy can make 4k brilliant moves but doesnt know where shnitzel is from

  19. Just did my first brilliant move, sacrifing my rook

  20. First game is great game by you. But great content is you and andrea. its not chess as such but funny content. So you should mix that along with chess explainer content.

  21. the german profile photo with the schnitzel is not correct. Schnitzel is an austrian food. The traditional variant of it is called "wiener schnitzel" wien is the capital city of austria. Germans suck at creating their own meals and copied our schnitzel.

  22. 3:50 am i missing something or he just made a joke about Ukraine ⚔️

  23. At 4.11 isn’t f2 a fork on the queen and the rook

  24. Why not stereotype cultures – Lwvy Rozman

  25. Schnitzel is from Vienna / Austria, not Germany 😉 Just to let you know!

  26. I don’t believe that they are brilliant because none of the games show a move with the “!!” symbol

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