MUST SEE – INSANE Chess Game!!

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Best Game Of 2022, so far.

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  1. At 22:24 (analysis) after black plays Rg2, white has Qxd5 instead, which looks winning. Eh?

  2. best game in the first 9 days of 2022 would be more accurate😁

  3. Wonderful excitement and good knowledge of chess in your videos. I'm a new fan!

  4. is Hans the guy who cried about not getting in free to a $5 entry fee tourney?

  5. Day 190 of translating Levy’s titles into Italian: “Da non perdere – la miglior partita del 2022?”

  6. Use me as a dislike button for the pinned comment

  7. I said 2 years ago that this kid would be a super GM.

  8. Me about to shut off the video to go to sleep… why do people even watch this far just to quit they're garbage. Me 🥲guess ill stay.

  9. Hans legit just castled in his opponent's side to win

  10. “That’s why he’s in the video and I’m making the video.” Lol love it Levy. No one teaches chess as cleverly as you. Keep on doing what you do.

  11. I know that “en passant is forced” is a popular meme right now, but in an instructional video, it may not be appropriate.

  12. "pawns are the souls of chess" – françois-andré danican philidor

  13. After Na4, Bxa4, bxa4, Qxa4 there is Bxc7 and white is much better because they can plant the bishop on b6 blocking black's rooks from infiltrating or just defending the pawn on a5 because it is the most important pawn that doesn't allow black to get a past pawn. AND YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT DOUBLING PAWNS MY GUY 8:12

  14. knight on d4 in this case is worth 5 points

  15. Every time Levy says that he should edit something out but doesn't, I further believe that he does not know how to edit it out and is just trying to cover it up. Hehe

  16. oh, well…i was going to saay that you could take it up a nothch – sometimes a tad simplistic…gr8 game thoughtand commentary that is also very good, thank u

  17. that was DISGUSTING imagine you have to face these guys

  18. 12:51 i liked the forking idea of bishop c2 with the idea of forking the knight and the rook, but I realized that after Bc2 black can play Rxe1 check and after Kg2 the horsie moves out of the way

  19. Are there any grandmasters for philipines? I have a goal in life to be recognised by the world and i think i can do this

  20. 18:40 that e2 was a mistake probably
    c2 would've been so much better

  21. Our guy levy is such a chad.
    He hits the gym (buffed body).
    He hits the squares 64 in total( buffed brain).

    Thanks a lot man.

  22. I suck at chess but id be happy to provide you some of my games for you to help me learn while roasting me the entire way lol

  23. This just proves that the gm should lose his title,I saw alot of the good moves almost instantly that he should've played and I'm just a 1500 player lol even though he won

  24. Hey man!! I'm not your twitch subscriber or anywhere else. I have just subscribed you on YouTube. But just by watching Youtube in the past month. I have increases my rating 130 points. Love your explainations.

  25. That's also how I'd play the game, Bc6 move then stacking double rooks on B file and probably hunt down the white queen, also I wouldn't really care about the promotion when the pawn already reached a6, and try to go for the checkmate or hold the position and probably promote your own queens… That's why I like Hans rather peculiar playstyle…

  26. Can anyone guess that this Hans Niemann will beat magnus carlsun after 8 months

  27. And now, when we know about Hanse’s cheating, this game no longer that spectacular

  28. This popped up in my recommended 10 months later, in November. We all know how Hans’ growth aged.

  29. Hans was provocative even before the scandal!

  30. Gotham. Hans Nieman under a year later will cheat against magnus.

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