Most Beautiful Checkmates Ever | Insane Chess Games, Moves, Tactics & Ideas by Magnus, Tal & more!

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In this chess video, we will look at some of the most incredible chess games of all time. You will see some insane checkmates & learn many new chess tricks, traps, ideas & tactics, especially in the middlegame & endgame. We have games from Magnus Carlsen, Mikhail Tal & many more great players. These are some of the most spectacular finishes I have ever seen. Every chess player must watch this because these are some of the best chess games with brilliancies & beautiful checkmate combinations for both white & black. I also have an interesting chess puzzle at the end of this video, let’s see if you can solve that.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Some Incredible Finishes in Chess
0:15 Game #1: Ftacnik v Cvitan
1:40 Game #2: Hartlaub v Fleischer
2:55 Game #3: Adams v Torre
4:16 Game #4: Vanka v Skala
5:36 Game #5: Mikhail Tal v NN
7:01 Game #6: Gutop v Roshal
7:54 Game #7: Magnus v Karjakin
8:49 About Brilliant
9:47 Chess Puzzle (Game #8)

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  1. Answer to puzzles is:
    3. g7+,kh7

  2. My answer: White plays rook h6 check, Black plays pond takes h6(only legal move), White then plays g6 check, black plays king h8(only legal move), White then plays g7 check, Black plays King to h7(only legal move), and white ends the game with g8 promotion to queen checkmate.

  3. Rh6+ — g×h6 — G6+— Kh8 — G7+ — Kh7 — g=Queen# . I'm 8 years old

  4. First it will start with rook sacrifice Rh6
    When black Pawn takes we will play Pg6 the only legal move is to Kh8, then we will give a check by playing Pg6 then the only legal move is Kh8 then we will promote our pawn and get a new Queen and then there will be a only legal move is to Kh8 and Queen to g6 is a stunning checkmate…….
    Please pin my comment it takes me a long time to write this comment….
    Will you?😉😉

  5. Game #3 helped me to become the future troll of chess games in such cases like that … 😂😂😂

  6. Rook g6 Rook g7 pawn g6 rook h7

  7. Which app do you use, because the pieces are looking good and board too

  8. Answer
    Black move
    White move
    Black move
    White move
    Black move
    White move
    Pawn becomes Queen Chekmate

  9. H pawn to h6 black takes then rook to h6 check and mate

  10. It starts with rook sac

    I.e Rh6 check, black no options other than taking the rook by the pawn (so pawn takes rook on h6). White pushes the pawn to g6 with check, black has to move his king to h8 then again pawn push (g7 check) black has to play kh7 then promoting the pawn to queen is checkmate. This all is forced

  11. Rook h6 check, pawn takes rook, pawn g6 again check and black king has to move on h8 and again pawn g7 check now king moves to the h7 and g8=queen is a checkmate. 😀

  12. Thank you so much chess talk for this amazing video. It was really fascinating and brilliant to watch these great positions with mind boggling and unthinkable moves. I wish you to continue with such amazing videos you upload.
    And yes, the solution to the puzzle:
    White: Rh6+ (rook sacrifice)
    Black: gxh6 (forced)
    White: g6+
    Black: Kh8 (forced)
    White: g7+
    Black: Kh7 (forced)
    White: g8 = Q #
    May your channel reach 2 million subs soon.

  13. I rarely use chess tricks but whenever I used I got trapped 💀😭

  14. 1:11 I will get that million dollars Mr.Advani!!!! Wait for it!!!!

  15. Rook h6,pawn takes rook then push the g pawn and check the king then king goes to h8 and then push the g pawn again and after another check the king goes to h7 and then promote pawn on g file to a queen and mate

  16. This puzzle's answer is too much easy how I will show you first of all you should move right pawn to h6 then the black's pawn exchange his pawn with your pawn then you will put your rook to h6 to kill our opponent's pawn and then that is BEAUTIFUL CHECKMATE and that takes just 2 moves

  17. r to h6 p x r p to g6 k to h8 p to g7 k to h7 p promotes ckeckmate

  18. 1Rh6+ gxh6 2g6+ Kh8 3g7+ Kh7 Ten the finally 4g8=q checkmate

  19. rook h6 check black has to take pawn g6 king h8 is forced pawn g7 king h7 pawn h8 promote to a queen is a mate

  20. By the way you bet a million dollar amount of money so give it to me

  21. At 4:13 why the queen is running instead make a space for king by moving h6 Or g6 🤣🤣

  22. Very cute puzzle.Great fun episode. Thanbks.

  23. I am a great piece sacrificer!
    The main piece I like to sacrifice is my king😂

  24. U can put subtitle below your video instead of chess board

  25. Why didn't he sacrifice the rock at 6:07, cause Queen on h5 would be checkmate wouldn't it?

  26. Can you move that translation grom the board. Iz is very distracting

  27. That magnus game was the best.BTW puzzle solution – Rh6+ gxh6 g6+ Kh8 g7+ kh7 g8=Q #

  28. ישראל צנוירט says:

    This is tal plays all the games?

  29. Rh6+ pxh6, g6+ Kh8, g7+ Kh7 , g8 +# promote to queen check mate

  30. and also I love to much your videos , nearly I have seen all your videos and have clicked thumb button THANK YOU FOR YOUR BRILLIANT AND BEST VIDEOS

  31. Move Rg6 then black will move Ra7 to prevent it from checkmate then move the pawn to h6 then black pawn will have to take h6 the clear the h6 position with rook and there's a checkmate, if black move his rook to a6 then clear the G7 position with the white rook placed on G6 and it's a check. Only 3 moves

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