Mikhail Tal’s Greatest Queen Sacrifice! Best Chess Games | Moves, Strategy, Tricks & Ideas to Win

Here’s an absolutely incredible game of chess played by Mikhail Tal (the Magician from Riga). Mikhail Tal played one of his greatest queen sacrifices on move 13 of the game. This game was played between Mikhail Tal & Alexander Koblents in 1961 in Riga. Alexander Koblenz (who used to be Tal’s trainer) is playing with the black pieces & Mikhail Tal (the Eighth World Chess Champion) is playing with the white pieces. From this mindblowing game, you can learn some amazing chess tactics, strategies, tricks, traps, moves & ideas, that you can use to win more games against your friends & other players online. This is a typical Tal game & one of the best chess games, which every Sicilian Najdorf player should see! Mikhail Tal was famous for his attacking style of play & he used to create absolute magic on the chess board with his chess pieces. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle inspired by Mikhail Tal’s games. Let’s see if you can solve that.

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  1. I do it all the time along with getting a checkmate

  2. Tal never loses he just sacrifices his king sometimes

  3. My solution to your quiz:

    Pawn to c6 to defend against a check-mate from either rook or queen at a1,
    this will leave the light squared bishop completely at it's own mercy, and black will likely move to take white light squared bishop from its own light squared bishop,
    Queen to g4 will be game-set-match for white

  4. QG4+ , BxG4 , Rxh6+ , xh6 and Bishop to f7 checkmate

  5. Qxa8

    To stop check mate and got rook free .

  6. What about bishop to e6 then queen to g4

  7. The best move is the bishop to E6

  8. Mikhail Tal be like : sacrifice sacrifice sacrifice, i don't like i avoid but sacrifice likes me i can't avoid 😂

  9. It is rook to h6 followed by queen to e2 check black has to defend with His bishop and the final nail will be bishop to f7
    .❤️ From Kashmir

  10. First of all I will kill the Black's rook by the white's queen on A8 because if I will play another move so then the Black's queen will mate white by coming on A1 with support of the rook then i don't care what black will play but I will kill Black's beshop on E6 by supporting the white's beshop then black will trie to save his queen then i will put my white beshop on F7 to give check and that is too much easy to checkmate with a one rook and queen without any problem 😉😉😉

  11. Q g4…bishop × q (forced)
    R × h6…Pawn × rook (forced)
    Light bishop to f 7 (check-mate)
    Is it right sir…Plz tell

  12. At 3:03 min why white f6 pawn don't move at g7 ?giving a check with white bishop and at same time taking a rock also

  13. Can somebody explain at @3.45 min , why did not queen took pawn ? It was free, easy move,

  14. The end bishop takes pond and when king takes bishop rook goes into action and gets to king and gameover

  15. White – f3, black – g4, white – g4, checkmate

  16. I think the best move would be taking the rook because it attacks the queen and the rook is supported by the bishop.

  17. Rook Ex6, bQueen Ex6, white bishop e6, black rook a5/a6. White queen g4/g5 checkmate

  18. It is bishop takes bishop on e6 then any move from black and the queen to g4

  19. the best move for white is to move its bishop from b3 to e6

  20. Can anyone explain at 3:42 why queen cannot capture white pawn

  21. Pawn to c3 is the best move. As it clears a check mate threat and also paves the way for the light squared bishop to come at d3 to for a forced checkmate

  22. Rxh6+ gxh6 then Qxa8 protecting a1 now 1 pawn equal

  23. The answer is Qg3+ than B×g3 R×h5+ g×h5 Bf6# all the moves are first move

  24. @3:45 Why didn't Black Queen take the pawn? Why did he attack the knight instead?

  25. if at 2.Kg6,.. Rxa8(up in material and position and a passed pawn)

  26. Qg4+ then the only legal move is bxg4 then rxh6+ and gxhe is forced then bf7+#

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