Mate in 6 moves! Budapest Trap #shorts #chess


  1. shit !! ive to focus on board instead hehe

  2. Помню я играл против девушки, немного отвлекся и проиграл матч

  3. "WOW ! !" She is brigh, intelligent, and beautiful ! ! "Semper Fi" Mike in Montana 🙂

  4. You notice oponent king is white but place on black 😂😂😂

  5. You have to be playing like you don’t want to win for that to work 😂😂😂

  6. Do you want to buy my flag? If you are a master, equip yourself with a unique chess board in the world

  7. Mistrzyni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tak!!!!!!!!Ale ja wole swoje ,Nasze regoly-prawo do decydowania o swojej rece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Marzylem o przyjaciolach,ale chyba zycie jest troche inne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Polacy kochaja wolnosc!!!!!!!!!!!!Wiec jesli mistrzyni zna kodeks to chyba nie ma problemow!!!!!!!!!!Chyba w Pani Kraju milosc nie jest przymusowa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Marek Kwiatkowski.Bardzo kocham swoja Dziewczyne!!!!!!!!!!!!Marek.

  8. Mistrzyni!!!!!!!!!!!!Male doswiadczenie,ale ja stawiam na definicje mistrza!!!!!!!!Robie to co chce i na co mam ochote!!!!!!!!!!!Mistrzyni -jeden nieostrozny ruch i moze byc kicha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Marek.

  9. Powiedzmy ,tylko prawda jest piekna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dopoki lubimy mata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Marek.

  10. This is worse play than being mated in a fools mate

  11. Wow so real!
    Real: its not me
    Fake: its not me too

  12. It aint the budapest its the lazzard gambit trap to mate in 6 moves

  13. What if he is not 200 elo ,,, Please explain 😢😢😢😢😢(Fake Trick) 😂

  14. In my opinion.Why white moves h3 instead Nf3? And also protect white pawn on e5. And then the next move of white is h3 to move away the Black Knight on Ng4.

  15. Lesson of the day: u can sacrifice peices for the kings safety and to checkmate

  16. If you watch long enough you will notice they are playing chess

  17. She was horny af, he probably said we can get down to business if you help me film this, and thus this video has been recorded

  18. This is called Lazard gambit not Budapest gambit

  19. The first moves of White were very stupid and no one plays like that

  20. nobody develops their knight like that

  21. Если бы он ходил не как баран то не прокатило бы

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