Master Class | Nimzowitsch–Larsen Attack | Chess Speedrun | Grandmaster Naroditsky

15:50 Analysis

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  1. That plan to extricate the bishop was so dope. I don't think I would have seen that idea in a correspondence game.

  2. Ur amazing to watch I'm so novie when it comes to chest but i do love to watch a true master

  3. Always enjoying the content. Keep up the good works

  4. That Nxd7 puzzle at the end was so awesome

  5. amazing how well he walked us through that d3 move, I wouldn't have seen that move if I play like i normally do but I believe I could do it if I applied the logic that he showed us

  6. I think Daniel was incorrect saying Black will get checkmated at 9 minutes if you play d3.

  7. I really enjoy playing chess and it’s crazy good watching you play because the way you explain everything makes it seem like each move is a no-brainer…until I go to play lol

  8. 14:53 I think that if black played Ne5 instead of Bxe4, then he would have been winning. How would Danya protect you bishop and the play with the awful double isolated pawns after that? (I have not looked at rhe engine with this. Was just excited to see Danya possibly being outplayed in this speedrun)

  9. Good tip on legal castling in that position. Online I wouldn't be sure and would just try it anyway to find out. OTB I'd probably have to ask or something.

  10. Your logic, presentation, and pace are just fantastic. These videos are incredible! Thanks so much!

  11. Nice instructive game ! thanks. We guessed most of the moves you asked us to look for, which was a lot of fun ! If you know your opponent is a tough Caro-Kann or French player,

    I highly recommend giving this b3 opening a go. Black player; what is this sorcery ? White player; lets try some new structures !?

    one of my favorite philosophers came up with the term ( flipflop ability ) . Knowing when switch up the opening choices can be a key strength. TBH I haven't seen many lessons covering this.

  12. Great, now everyone will know my one trick, thanks a lot garbo

  13. This opening is so cool, The bishop on b2 is just waiting like a sniper, when The bishop attacks the enemy surrenders.

  14. Great as always – question though, thumbnail says 2160 ELO, however the opponent is actually only 1542? How did Danya get matched with such a lower rated player? 
    Also, as 1542, it seems like he played quite a good game, spotting several of Danya's suggestions for best moves B-)

  15. Every time I want to learn a new opening, I watch one of these speed runs. Excellent content once again

  16. Up 180 elo in 10 days thanks to your videos mostly (900-1080 Rapid 15|10)

  17. This game is almost like Magnus play by naroditsky..looks so easy when you see the moves..

  18. D3 was an epic move. The way you explained it was absolutely not opaque, I completely understood the move. These are super helpful

  19. very informative vid 🙂 cool opening but i wish i could have your way of thinking when i will try it out 🙂

  20. This is the content that we need more of. Videos like these are what have gotten me over 2100. Im at a point where I need to revamp my ideas and way of thinking, and this is a goldmine of info ant education. THANK YOU!

  21. You don't actually need to keep any tab open if everything is hanging.

  22. Whenever I play I make sure that they have at least 3 chances to earn a free queen

  23. 8:23 In my games I keep tabs of what’s not hanging. Simplifies things.

  24. I would just like to point out something amazing. Near the end someone asked what if the queen took on e3 and Danya said at the end you just retake the bishop with the rook winning the bishop for a pawn. BUT I was thinking Nxd5 instead threatening the fork was better and I was right! It’s .20 better! So basically I should be rated around 2630ish and I’ll be waiting for FIDE to correct my rating.

  25. Can anyone tell me, how do you respond if when you play Bishop to b5 black plays Pawn to a6? Do you take the knight, let pawn take bishop?

  26. What a pitty black did not go for f6 instead of Bg4.. Really wonder if a player of Naroditskys class really thought it is a good idea hunting pawns in that line..

  27. So I'm a 1300 rated bullet player and the other day I got crushed by this opening, I think this 1 is particularly difficult to play under time pressure when u have no clue how to respond, so last night I watched this video on my TV with stockfish on my phone going through the moves & interestingly it liked blacks moves up till when you played nf3, instead of responding with bg4 it preferred g6, anyway just now I played as black against another nl player & the move order was identical to this but I chose stockfish suggestion over bg6, obviously after this I was alone in preverbial wilderness, but I managed to keep the bb2 diagnol threat @ bay for the rest of the game 🏰 short & eventually did play bg4, my opponent neutralised the pin but in the end I got the w which I was very pleased on the basis that my opponent was 60elo higher than me & clearly in his or her territory, also now I guess it makes sense for me to try this out as white in bullet cos it's deceptively super sharp and it appears that both sides have little room for even the slightest error. Thanks very much for the share & walkthrough 👍

  28. Bro he was so comfortable I didn’t even realize it was a game I thought he was moving the pieces

  29. 10…Qg4 was black's best line. After the bishop exchange 12….Qg5 keeps things closer to level play.

  30. At 2:12 Daniel, in analysis, casually refutes Qh4+ by suggesting the move Kf1, when it happens in the game, however, he immediately plays g3, which was "obvious". How strange…

  31. 17:55 not really, stockfish says it's much better (+~2.0) to take with King

    you have another threat – knight attacks d5 and more active pieces

  32. what if after white knight goes to c3, black does not trade his bishop against the knight but goes Queen to g4?

  33. I am a regular larsen player but somehow i am not so confident with this whole f4 idea , coz i was a d4 player initially and cant seem to push the f4 pawn thinking of bad things that might happen

  34. Well done mate
    That's the best chess lesson I've ever seen
    Gotham sucks, 🤣🤣

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