Making A Resin Chess Board & Chess Set

Checkmate silly black and white chess boards.
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Alcohol Ink:
Mica Powders:
Zona Polishing Papers:
Dragon Skin Silicone (More durable than the others, but more expensive.)
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  1. My goal was to make a solid silver and gold chess set, but it seems I'd need over 50oz (US$1k) of silver and 100oz (US$180k) of gold. Plan B is a set of die πŸ™‚

  2. I bought the same chess mold myself. I pretty much did the board the same way. But I've found on the pieces, if you pinch the bottom of the mold and fill about a quarter of the way up then slowly unpinch, it will pull the resin into those voids getting all those hard to fill areas. On some of the pieces (king and queen mainly) I found I had to pinch 2-5 times to get all the cavities completely full. Appreciate your work and great ideas, keep it up!

  3. Hi, just want to ask if I didn't use the vaccum pot what other methods can I get the air bubble out of the blue resin?

  4. I need some help if anyone can. The problem is that I love the color when it is in the mixing cup, but when I pour it into the board mold it becomes much lighter, and both boards I have made the colors are really hard to see

  5. Next time make a board with an induction coil inside and put one of those wireless LEDs on each piece, bonus points if you manage to put RGB LEDs inside to make the pieces extra fast.

  6. How would you package the board if you were to sell it?

  7. Sad that I am 4 months late on this but those bubbles can easily be avoided by 1st using a small brush to brush the resin to fill the tips and tiny holes before pouring and to the other parts like the ring neck of the bishop, fill it with few resin 1st then rotate it multiple times for those tho be filled before pouring resin again. This will work if your resin don't harden to fast, otherwise you gotta do it faster. I learned this from Robert Tollone, a veteran and great mould maker and resin user. He has his own youtube channel. It might be late but I hope it helps anyone who reads this. πŸ™‚

  8. are your wife and your mom the same person?

  9. Squeezing the bottom of the chess pieces will push air to the top. A vacuum pot is critical to pull all the air from the epoxy to get solid pieces.

  10. If you want to know how much you need to fill a mold, fill it with water, then pour it out and measure that. Then obviously let them dry completely before you use them for resin.

  11. How much would you charge if people ordered one?

  12. so i just bought this mold set and found that if you squeeze the chess pieces when you add the resin, you will fill those voids
    Good work Rybo!

  13. I use an LED flashlight on the table to observe the ridges and can see the bubbles or air pockets easily in the ridges. I fill the mold to just above the ridge and squeeze the bubbles to the top.
    I use a small long bar (one used to scoop mica powder) and reach into the top of the rook, bishop, king and queen to force the resin into it.
    Then I put them in a mold holder I found on Etsy and finish them off. It takes me about 130ml to do a complete side

  14. I think that if you pour slowly at an angle to let the resin push out the air, you would minimize the chance of catching bubbles at the bottom of the mold.

  15. Any way to get it transparent without the vacuum pot?

  16. The imperfections turned me off thinking the base could be uneven and wobble. I do like your video though. Thank you.

  17. I have this exact set. If you fill a bit and squeeze the bottoms several times slowly, it will stop those imperfections from happening. I also had a dollar tree acrylic makeup holder (16 spots). It helps stabilize them when putting them into the pot.

  18. Totally loved your humor πŸ˜‚ and the board lol

  19. I have this mold set and am having problems with the board. I have tried epoxy resin and uv resin but the board either shrinks/warps or never hardens. What am I doing wrong? I was trying to make this as a Christmas gift.

  20. I’m about to try and make these waiting for my molds I was wondering if you have any tips on the best way to demold these?

  21. I enjoyed the video, and the way you cut that sponsor in was absolutely amazing.

  22. Little tip how to handle the voids.when you pour the resin into the chess piece mould get a tooth pick in there and prod the bottom of the mould to push that resin in and release the air from it .works well .love the set you done good job and clear resin,think I’m gonna invest in one of these moulds πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  23. Can you please post how much resin for the whole process? 1. the gold squares. 2 the whole board and then for the chess pieces please? The first one I made I ended up wasting a lot of resin. Thanks so much. I appreciate it

  24. Haven't played Chess in a while but I do appreciate a well made set like this one.

  25. Dude you sound exactly like a guy that narrates creepy stories

  26. quick question how much mica powder did you use

  27. β€œChess is just the original tabletop game.” πŸ™‚

  28. Easy way to check volume is to pore water into the molds, then pore the water into a measuring cup.

  29. would pouring for the pieces sections at a time and using a syringe work to eliminate those pockets of air bubbles?

  30. You could always figure the amount of resin required by filling the molds with water and then measuring the amount of water it took.

  31. What can you use if you sont have a vacumn chamber?

  32. yo i just got the same molds my self i have done 3 tests so far, to avoid the holes very easy either use a toothpick and mix it around the bubble area ooor squeeze the mold softly around the areas prone with holes, most of the time its the horses lower jaw, pawns rims/top, castles tops or rims, crown and cross, its a 1 to 5 min job depending on how you take it and and bubbles want to work with you, i just got my first perfect backline done today and am so happy also no i do not have any kind of pressure device all hands and a simple smoke shop jet lighter for top bubbles.

  33. for anyone who does not have a vacuum, you can also boil a jug of water wait till its hot but not hot enough you cant put a finger in. put in your cup of resin in to the hot bath and let it deegass it, wont get all of it out and can speed up your resin depending on its temp

  34. rewatching this, I've made a few chess sets and IDK if it's the resin I used but if not stored on a flat surface (especially if you're in a humid area) the board might warp. Not 100% sure how to fix that except for maybe putting something in the mold to act as reinforcement. Maybe something like wooden dowels on the edges or make the bottom opaque with a layer of popcicle sticks or something.

  35. Super cool video – we're about to make our own and this took the mystery out of it. Thank you! Have a sub,too!

  36. Have you tried putting the chess piece molds in the vacuum chamber instead of the pressure pot?

  37. Do you use a mold release spray before pouring the resin

  38. Do you think putting a heat gun to the mold would pop the bubbles in the chess pieces

  39. Does anyone know how many ounces u need for the pieces alone? Ik he said 24 ounces for the board and the prices but I just want to know how much for the pieces

  40. Try squeeze the silicon mould gently to remove any bubbles. It was suggested

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