MAKING A CHESS SET ( clay & tile art )

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☆ tiles :
☆ clay :
☆ paint :
☆ gloss spray paint :

0:00 skillshare
1:03 cutting the tiles
4:23 making the chessboard
7:40 mixing and applying grout
9:48 making the chess pieces
13:55 painting the chess pieces
15:29 glazing the pieces
16:15 done!

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  1. Omg! This is so beautiful and incredibly amazing 🤩 extremely unique 👌👌

  2. When watching this video, a special feeling arises, which is expressed by warmth, comfort and something mysterious. It feels so good. Thank you very much. Now I'm in a good mood. Your work is very good. She's perfect. I see her that way.

  3. Lovely, I am definitely going to get some mother of pearl mosaic tiles now!

  4. Please can someone tell me what the blue tea is towards the end of the video? ☺️

  5. I loved your video, you really tempted me to go make set. Two small comments as I play chess myself: 1) the queen stands on her colour when setting up the pieces, 2) I think it is better if all the tiles are even in height. Many thanks for the video x

  6. Looks incredible!!! May I know how much clay was used to make the pieces?

  7. You set the board wrong! The queen always wears her color! But beautiful set

  8. That is a glass of milk, that is no coffee

  9. your craftsmanship is amazing. I usually don't watch these types of videos all the way through, but the fact that you're so creative, find a way to make the videos appealing to the eyes and ears, and how meticulous you are with all of your projects and crafts keeps me completely invested.

  10. I get to do this for my futur husband (he's a big chess lover !!)

  11. Im watching this video as if im really gonna do it 😭 love the vid tho <3

  12. this project is lovely! i will try👏 what kind of tiles did you use from the site you shared?

  13. woww this is so cool 🥰 i just wish it was without the music, it would be so relaxing and cosy with just the background noises 🌼

  14. I’m so excited to try this out! Such a lovely video. Also, where is your teapot from???

  15. I felt really upset today, so i watched this. It really helped me feel better. Whenever i need to calm down i enjoy your videos a lot; they’re really nice and soothing. Thank you ♥️

  16. this is the most wonderful video, thank you

  17. Where did you get the board? The one where you put the tiles onto. Love 😍😍😍😍

  18. This is so beautiful, I’m definitely going to be making this! Can I ask what the base for the chessboard is called (the large brown square)?

  19. This just beautiful. The artistry of the chess set and of the whole production as well. Thanks for letting us see this!

  20. so smart these can be used to make a mold also

  21. Is beautiful 😍❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  22. absolutely love the video!! i'll be making this as a gift for my boyfriend's birthday, i hope it turns out well!! thanks for sharing the process with us

  23. do you think i could use hot glue to glue the tiles to the base? and what could i use as a base?

  24. To put the pieces together score them and use slip, scoring is cutting that grid shape into then use a water and clay ( slip) to bind them

  25. This looks so fun! This video was so relaxing…

  26. The plural is actually "asparageese". says:

    This is lovely in so many ways but also THAT TEAPOT

  27. Hermoso trabajo y el acabado es excelente !!!

  28. Your king and queen are set up in the wrong squares

  29. Hi @PearFleur! Not sure if you'll see this but the link to the clay you use isn't working. Could you share the name of what that product was?

  30. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing this wonderful content with us. Your videos have accompanied me both on happy days and on those days where I felt burned out. And every single time you manage to put a smile on my face. There´s something so comforting and cozy about the way you film these videos. I love every little detail about the process. Keep creating! <3

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