Magnus Steals a Magical Win | Chess Olympiad 2022 #shorts

Here’s an amazing chess game played between Magnus Carlsen & Georg Meier at the 44th FIDE Chess Olympiad 2022 held at Chennai, India. This is a Round 2 game where Magnus wins an exciting endgame to give Norway the lead against Uruguay. #Shorts #ChessTalk #Chess #chessolympiad #chessolympiad2022


  1. Is it against the rules to have 2 or more queens on the board?

  2. Do GM s think getting checkmate as shame since mostly GMs resign the game before getting checkmate!!!

  3. Lets be honest white was gonna win 100%
    Black just have to give up at that time

  4. Bro I'm genius!! I knew the move you asked!

  5. If black had to make a statement it had to just take the queen out and disturb the pawn structure

  6. I didn't understand a single word with that stinky accent.

  7. c'mon, this is unrealistic. why would anyone choose to promote from pawn to bishop, instead of Queen? you deserve an unsub for this.

  8. It's the age old tale: "Blah blah, BLAH BLAH BLAH, … and Magnus won the game." 😀

  9. Yet magnus declined to defend his world championship. Pathetic, he’s rather make money touring the world playing in tournaments. He doesn’t want to be the best anymore. He’s really letting his fans down

  10. I’m completly new to chess, and all of this is very confusing 😂
    Do you think you can make a video for beginners? It would help alot 🥲🙏

  11. 3 move checkmate possible.,,,,Queens to e8 f7 g7—end the game

  12. He actually had other checks as well that couldn’t be blocked

  13. Honestly, who would think of that in the middle of a game

  14. Can someone explain why you would ever promote to a rook or bishop when a queen exists. I understand that a horse can be useful as it’s different.however I see no advantage to a rook or bishop over a queeb

  15. Rule number 1 in pro chess: you never win in black against Magnus Carlsen.

  16. i thought it was qe3
    edit :
    it was thet was a good one

  17. does no one saw that her promote into a bishop and not a queen

  18. Yo why is tech support so good at chess 💀💀💀

  19. How bout e7 it's a check and covers the 7th row as well

  20. But from Qe8 check he can do Qg6 checkmate right?

  21. If he’s an Asian or Indian you must listen to him

  22. Still it was winning for white. What's the reply for Queen check after you play play queen there ?? After last move. You move king then it's Queen check

  23. It's easy to analyse someone's game when u really play against them you'll understand the pressure

  24. Sir you can also check mate by two moves first queen to f8 then pawn to g6 and it gone to checkmate

  25. What if queen moves to g6 rather than white king?

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