Magnus Carlsen’s 5 Chess Tips For Beginning Players

Here’s a great chess throwback! World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen​ gives his five best chess tips for beginning players!

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  1. my best friend is beating my fucking ass in chess. and i am desperate to get a single win. i am kinda embarrased.

  2. "Learn the basic mating techniques"
    Step 1: Download Tinder

  3. He said um 1673400 times in a 3 min long video.

  4. I don't think Chess is fun. It's a brain game which requires concentration. Anything that requires concentration isn't fun

  5. I cant find having fun to lose 10 gamr in a row lol

  6. I played 7 games for fun and lost them all, I looked ridiculous but now I take it seriously

  7. Bullshit advices, absolutely scum bag
    Magnus is not in any how beneficial for any one
    He wouldn’t let you know the real reason

    Dislike ugly face

  8. Kinda uh difficult um to uh follow uh your advice uh with thee uh constant um breaks uh in your uh sentences.

  9. Bot called mom with cookies is best for me i always crush him enen tho i am 400 elo

  10. Where can I get a chessboard like that? It looks awesome 🕵🏽‍♂️

  11. I met magnus carlsen in a chess championship in 2019 before i got into chess, I wish i knew him before i met him haha missed opportunity

  12. All of my opponents go pipi in their pampers

  13. Can anyone recommend some good books for a beginner?

  14. 1. Play as much as possible
    2. Reading about Chess
    3. Learn basic mating techniques
    4. Learn from the old masters
    5. Have fun

  15. #5 Have fun. That's why the champ is not defending his title. No longer fun for him and he's just following his own advice! Great video.

  16. Magnus is great at chess however he not a good teacher or he is not very inspirational

  17. Can I be a filthy casual with chess?. I dont have a ton of extra time but I do like the puzzles. Just play a bot when I can.

  18. Magnus is somewhat a proof that if you are extremely talented in one thing you are more likely to be bad at something else, like speech

  19. This man said uh um uh for 3 and a half minutes

  20. Magnus was sent back from the future by the self aware alphazero

  21. Looking forward to learn mating techniques 😆

  22. Great talk and all but someday I'll count the times he said uh in this video

  23. Lost more then 100x times when playing with AI😭😭😭😭😭😭

  24. Tip #6; Forget sportsmanship. When you lose, claim you lost because your opponent cheated. Don't worry about evidence; the accusation is enough to wreck their career if you're noteworthy enough.

  25. "#4: Learn from the old masters." This already feels completely beyond my capabilities. I find them interesting but not actionable.

  26. Did anyone count how many times he said ah, um

  27. BRO goat Magnus says "uhm " too much in one video great advice😂

  28. He sounds like he's been kidnapped and is being held gunpoint

  29. I don't like playing chess because I'm shit at it and I feel stupid playing, probably because I am in a sense. But I think It's a good life skill to be good at chess because chess explains life perfectly and helps you think better, more logically and faster. So that's why I don't want to quit and I want to become really good at it, I hope I make it somewhere

  30. For him 2000 is beginner.

  31. I’ve played chess on and off for years but not a lot to be good, but now I’m sticking with it in order to get good.

  32. I was fully expecting for him to say ,,just win''

  33. Bro said:And uhh playing other humans.Bros literally a robot

  34. I tried drinking and playing. It was a terribly failed experiment. After a blackout night of boozing and chess, I woke up the next day to a barrage of terrible games and a rating so low I tripped over it.

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