Magnus Carlsen’s 5 Chess Tips For Beginning Players

Here’s a great chess throwback! World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen​ gives his five best chess tips for beginning players!

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  1. Magnus always seems like he is forced when talking. He doesn't care for it, he doesn't really like it. His passion and talent is chess and he is the best in history. I love watching and studying his games, but when it comes to talking or interviews, man, it's painful to watch

  2. C’est un homme qui a un don pour les échecs. He is a legend.

  3. N1 video , i like last tip)) , cuz the most confidence player as u , have fun , i m toooo

  4. Thanks for this. Carlsen is on such a high level it must be tough for him to break the game down to the normals. I appreciate him now more than ever!

  5. Happy new year everybody, and the reigning King Magnus !

  6. "First of all, play as much chess as possible." Let me rephrase that… "First of all, play as much Play Magnus as possible."

  7. I enjoy my hobby because its a great way too share some time with friends academicaly in mental competition.

  8. outstanding carslen sir you are the best world champion of the history

  9. Those are terrible tips for beginners. How about "control the center", "don't move same piece twice early", "don't move Queen until development is completed", "beginning of chess is a race for development." ….. yet Magnus recommends "having fun." I'm sure that'll make beginners better chess players. Ridiculous. Was he forced to make that video or what?

  10. Thanks magnus, you encourage me to learn and play chess more and more.

  11. or… you can just be lucky to get one of those chess genes and become GM while you still a kid

  12. No one at school plays chess -_- NOT EVEN THE CHESS CLUB KIDS PLAY CHESS! It's just a social room themed around chess T_T

  13. Yes, when he said "other humans" @ 0:30 he meant noobs like us. >.<

    Jk happy new year!

  14. Should I take this dudes advice? Does he even know what he is talking about?

  15. "Play lots of chess" is only good advice if you're also analysing your games afterwards and really forensically unpicking your mistakes ("I didn't see it" is not an excuse). If you're just playing lots of moves and expecting those moves to become better over time, they won't, because you're just practising playing bad moves.

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