Magnus Carlsen Solves VERY HARD CHESS PUZZLE – CHECKMATE in 2 Moves


  1. From White side Checkmate in two
    Rf3 X f4 sacrifing the roookk!!!
    Black king is double check therefore he have to take on Ke4 X Rf4 after that Rh5 move to f5 its a beautiful checkmate

  2. I'm looking and trying to understand it but I just don't get it at all. It would be nice to have an animation for that.

  3. It's b5, queen d4 and queen x queen d4 and checkmate😊😊😊

  4. If we’re white won’t we do pawn b5?

  5. I was thinking Qa3 followed by Rc3. Not smart enough to figure out why this wont work 😂

    Edit: oh the cheeky pawn on f4

  6. Would of sacked the Queen for m7 just for style points 😈

  7. White to move? Rook x f4 king takes bishop a2

  8. I see he is a bit mad because he taught it was harder, so he didn't check a8 which is typical.

  9. I took 10 minutes to work out this isn’t checkers.

  10. Two minutes. Not a problem. Okay. Just remind me, which one is the king and which one queen?

  11. There is another, he took the confusingly brutal route though.

  12. Where ??? I need the move pieces one..idk dont understand about D4 bla bla BLA

  13. Pawn moves B5 then , White is attacking the Black Queen blocks then Rook to e3 mate

  14. ✍️Magnus Carlsen ;-
    -Self-confidence is very important. If you don’t think you can win, you will take cowardly decisions in the crucial moments, out of sheer respect for your opponent. You see the opportunity but also greater limitations than you should. I have always believed in what I do on the chessboard, even when I had no objective reason to. It is better to overestimate your prospects than underestimate them.
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  15. Rc3 is also a mate in 2 black will play f3 then Bxf3 mate…. Works also with all positions with R on the 3rd line

    I can see more than 1 solution to this puzzle wich is i feel is not that hard, please correct me if I'm wrong somewhere

  16. Ah I think I'm also a little good because I found it in 6 minutes

  17. Only thing that comes to mind as watch him solve this puzzle is “chess is hard” 😂

  18. Sorry i wasn't listening. My eyes and ears were on the chick the entire clip.

  19. At first I thought b5, but then Rc4 makes you lose the queen. Still I don't see a forced move after Qa8 nor the mate at the next move 😵‍💫

  20. Even if they had given 200 years I would not even considor this Qa8.

  21. En cuanto vi el short, puse el problema en el tablero y lo intenté. Acabó de terminar. Me tomó 30 minutos y Magnus lo vio en segundos.

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