Magnus Carlsen FINDS the DOUBLE FORK to Win the ROOK!


  1. Mangus the knight go on a L shape use the knight next video

  2. Dumb question, but are you the Tom Brady of chess?

  3. Hi Magnus❤🎉😊 i have a question and I would be so happy if you answer to it Can you beat Stockfish 16 if Stockfish plays without knight from starting position with white pieces and you and stockfish have unlimited time.I am asking that because I have watched so many videoclips stockfish plays against your 29 ages bot (playMagnus) without knight and beat your bot

  4. Vidit needs to do the right thing and send Magnus the check and trophy of the grand swiss

  5. Miss you magnus please play tournaments😍

  6. They asked me about the origin of genius, I answered Magnus Carlsen

  7. If Magnus plays the candidates we have the top 9 rated players minus the WC in the candidates most likely each playing each other once. If he doesn't play it really is an epic fail. Even if not wanting to bother with the WC. Hope he considers it.

  8. Ok about the London, but what about Jabova-Rapport?

  9. Hey Magnus, not long ago Naka complained on his YT channel that " that norvegian kid (he meant you )takes all the gold away from him and Fabi " , I think naka is so happy when you don't participate in a competition . So please don't allow him anymore such "gifts" 🙂.

  10. What to do you mean by a double fork ??? in the end he threatened only the one rook

  11. danny rensch more like danny stench he eithers needs speak faster or say less

  12. The rooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook

  13. Danny Rensch…comedian who also plays chess.

  14. fyi the fork is in the ver last seconds of the video

  15. 1:23 eric rosen having fun how obnoxious, I like you danny but some of your statements are outright pathetic and beyond contempt.

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