Magnus Carlsen BEATS Superman in Chess! #shorts

Magnus Carlsen: I am Inevitable 😎

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Technically Vishy Anand is well past his prime but Magnus is basically the Prime of chess himself (including Gary Kasparov and Bobby Fischer in past)

  2. Vishy is the neymar of chess a skillful player born in the wrong era

  3. Then pragg will take revenge of anand

  4. Huh? How is Anand doing to figure out how to beat Magnus in the future?

  5. Magnus wouldn't be playing chess at the age of vishy so shut up about it

  6. Magnus is no match for Vishy Anand Sir.. even at this Age he is still a playing Legend at top circuit

  7. Bro what? Tf hikaru is superman its hes profile 😅

  8. One game was he tried to turn draw into win so one loss only practically speaking

  9. Vishy… The cursed prince
    Born in the era of GOATs🐐
    First Kasparov then Magnus
    Without them he could have easily ruled for decades😐

  10. Carlsen is like combine of Messi and Ronaldo in chess so think how strong he is .

  11. If u stop wasting times watching dc movies you could be a GM now 😂😂😂

  12. We all should cherish how cool carlsen is .. he’s the coolest grand master.. his drunk streams are the best to watch him defeating 3000+ elo as if there’s no competition

  13. Carlsen is a lethal combination of karpov & Boby fischer

  14. Vishy ka time khatam ho gaya re. Ghar jane de usko ab 😂😂

  15. Anand has the same mental block against Carlsen that he had against Kasparov in the past. So Vishy can beat many top GMs even now but beating Carlsen is very hard..not purely because of skill but also mental state while playing Carlsen

  16. magnus is Greatest player of all time
    Vishy could have retain his title for 2,3,year continuously if magnus 🐐🐐🐐 was not born in his era

  17. Dude vishy can’t be a Superman… he is probably not even close to any superhero… he can only play chess

  18. May be some involuntary subconsious Magnus phobia is Hauntig Anand like that Kryptonite. Obviously Magus is a sound player.

  19. for all Indians if we put this in cricketing terms, Vishy is basically Rohit Sharma with some pure talent but you have Virat as Magnus probably the greatest and unhindered at the top.

  20. I literally gave this analogy of superman Vishy and Magnus as his kryptonite in the live stream yesterday when Magnus beat Vishy once again (third time in a row now)……and within 24 hours Chessbase India has made a short about the analogy. Sagar bhai, you and your team work like superman for pumping out content!

  21. Mind Hack – Hide the identity of players during the games!
    Magnus will not be motivated enough while facing Vishy!
    Vishy will not be scared while playing against Magnus!
    The outcome may be different!😀

  22. Its called The magnus effect. Hikaru talked about this once magnus got your style of play he starts breaking you down mentally and can't beat him anymore

  23. Magnus likes to kick anands ass …has been doing it for a decade

  24. It's nice to compare Vishy to a golden retriever than a superman

  25. Anand like a Rojer Federer in Tennis
    Magnus like Nadal. Rojer wins with anyone expect Nadal. Same in chess also Anand will beat everyone but expect Magnus Carlson
    It's some kind of Fobia ..

  26. Magnus is just a better "superhero"

  27. Magnus also beat vishy to become the world champion!!!

  28. I believe that if not for Carlsen, Vishy would have reigned as the world champion for a longer time. And that makes Carlsen a badass.

  29. At his age he's already doing too well. I doubt anyone would even come close to him. Even Magnus at that age might not be where Vishy is.

    Also the analogy is copied from another channel, shame on chess base India. Disgusting.

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