Look at the entire board! A beautiful trap in the Trompowsky! #shorts

The biggest issue when we begin chess is that we do not see the entire chess board. Sometimes moves come out of nowhere which surprise everyone! Here’s one such example from the Trompowsky opening that is IM Sagar Shah’s favourite!

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  1. Зиёмиддин Юлдошматов says:

    Тут ошибка есть

  2. It's not checkmate the opponent can cover the king with queen

  3. White Queen should’ve taken the night because the Queen and the Bishop would’ve checkmated

  4. Very unlikely that the opening will be played at all, like 0.0001%

  5. Super cool bro 😎,this opening move is many chess players use , thank you bro new defense move give for players ❤️

  6. Nope, its not checkmate.If Queen protect the King

  7. Nice but our opponents will never move what you think they'll

  8. But when the bishop moves the pawn above the rook will come and check him he'll have to move

  9. What if we do not bring the bishop back but defend it with the knight f3?

  10. Bro white has a place where the king can be safe ,king ⬆️

  11. Queen can come back and sacrifice! So that he too losses his queen!

  12. The game is not over we can block the check with queen

  13. I clicked one chess video by accident now YouTube thinks I’m in love with chess. Somebody help

  14. After queen to h6 instead of bishop g3 move knight f3

  15. Game over not then quien one step back

  16. Game is not over, the white Queen can protect the kind by moving back.

  17. Mutton headed playing…. Expert never play like this

  18. In last u white Queen can save the king ..then how check met done

  19. How much cost this chess set 😁😁😁

  20. those chess pieces are humongous will not like super duper big like there bigger than normal chess pieces and by the way who ever has this type of chess pieces please don't judge me because my just pieces are small so that's while they're like big to me

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