Longer Chess Games #61 The Kings Indian Attack

The Kings Indian Attack is a great ‘system’ opening to play.
This is my first look at it, watch out for a lesson on it shortly on this channel.
I also talk about the difference between ‘systems’ and ‘openings’. Do you know the difference?

The idea of these ‘long play video’ is to explain my moves in as much detail as possible so that you can get an idea about how to think in the correct way.

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  1. Love the work! Especially your chessable work, we truly appreciate what you do

  2. Brilliant, will be practicing this. Entertaining as always.

  3. At 8.00 isn't e5 better – winning a piece?

  4. Pls do a lot of this long play! We love you Simon

  5. Loving all these new videos lately πŸ˜€

  6. Great video, very instinctive..thanks GGM

  7. I think they call that – the knights are "communicating" — love the videos Simon. Hoping I get to play you some day.

  8. Simply the best streamer in my opinion πŸ™‚

  9. This baby bird needed this. Never knew about the catholic family fork at least not the technical term. Thank you for bringing in the modern chess engineering terminology.

  10. I always wondered why no-one has ever done a BOOK OF SYSTEMS. KI Attack, Colle-Zukertort, Scandi with Qa5 … there are several examples where the early moves and plans can be almost automatic. So a book (or course) that largely ignores any theory, but shows how these 'system moves' develop into typical games, could form a welcome repertoire for busy people. A discussion of the typical games would demonstrate the typical middlegame plans, while pointing out any traps to avoid.

  11. I prefer the mitchel and webb sketch shows over Peep Show. They are brilliant at sketch shows.

  12. Hi Simon! Great content as always! You're the man! What about you playing only systems in the longer games? I would love to see you playing 1.b3. Fischer played it 5 times and won all the games, so perhaps you could show us that system too.

  13. 15:25 why was Nef3 not considered? It attacks the queen, defend the rook and guard the H2 square.

  14. At 6:55 who else thought he was going to mouseslip with f5 losing his queen haahahahah

  15. do you still belive in the Jobava London system?

  16. I'm also re watching Peep Show atm! Very British humour but funny AF

  17. I'm from Denmark and a regular follower πŸ˜€ "Klovn" is out as both a series of 7 seasons and as 3-4 films!

  18. Simon, if you need a lower rated player to play hit me up lol

  19. Awesome analysis. I am learning a lot. Thank you so much!

  20. Im Danish, and a fan! keen to follow your kings indian attack series, one of my favorite openings – but not alot of great content about it. Great game and analysis.

  21. Update: I have been watching your channel. I am a novice (playing 8+ years, studying 1 year) around 1200 elo…I felt "stuck", started watching your stuff and today I won my first Chess Ultra 4-man (beat a 1600), beat couple peeps on chess.com and just had an overall fantastic chess day πŸ™‚ Ty for your tactical lessons and insights…You teach the why, not just the how.

  22. Nice explanation
    But talking too much
    I like you willam really get benefit from your long games
    I have a range 1560
    With your videos study specially London system I reached 1900

  23. IMO, the main problem with 15 minute online games is you can never be sure if someone is cheating on the other end. The 3 + 2 format does not eliminate that possibility, but it makes it a lot harder and most people at my level wouldn't bother.
    Great video, I really enjoyed this breakdown of how the King's Indian Attack works. The only time I attempted this system I was crushed, but I can see I did not have the correct foundation.

  24. Catholic family fork πŸ˜€ now I learned something

  25. Love your videos. Please keep uploading. Thank you.

  26. Dude you are my favorite chess streamer. I can’t stop laughing with your videos 🀣

  27. Love this idea for a series! Looking forward to more 😁

  28. old video but still very actual. I really like your style of explanation. That is the reason why I have killer Dutch book and training and Iron English 😊 book and training. you are covering actually all my favourite openings. Going to check what you have for KIA πŸ™‚. found it on gingergm page. great source from where I have Leningrad Dutch πŸ™‚ great work as always. I saw you recently as commentator for tournament ,where was Magnus. Good job there. correction, that was only chapter in killer french. it is somewhere else? more about Kia?

  29. I'm danish – and I LOVE Clown! πŸ˜€
    But I am a much much bigger fan of Bottom (Rik Mayall & Adrian Edmonson)

  30. Had Black moved …Kd8 into Nc6# the Knights act like a pair of Bishops controlling opposite-colored squares. Neat.

  31. Best chess video I have seen so far. Came to learn more about the KIA, but learned even more about ways to think about moves in general.

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