Longer Chess Games #60 The Botvinnik English in Action

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The idea of these ‘long play video’ is to explain my moves in as much detail as possible so that you can get an idea about how to think in the correct way.

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  1. You could have played Kf2 because Qxc5 does not work for black

  2. Great running commentary and an exciting finish!

  3. I was there live!! Thanks for answering my queries!

  4. 1:33
    nd5 looks super tempting doesnt it? 🥰
    engine says its a -0.5 move😢


  6. Just bought your dayveedee, by which I mean your Iron English course which is online and not a DVD, after your last Titled Tuesday run. Looking forward to getting started.

  7. Great video , I love how you explain your thinking in depth at every move. Very informative. Might make me actually pick up the english after exclusively playing 1.e4 my entire life

  8. I only want to listen to you when you are drunk

  9. Very interesting game. When you're playing friends like Blair could you do a custom time variant? e.g. 15+10 but an extra 5 mins after move 35 so you can take your time explaining the opening (which we love) but then the end wouldn't be a time frenzy.

  10. I am following your channel for the past three years and is far the best on Youtube aside from Kingcrusher. You teach chess charismatically and the atmosphere is vibrant. I like this kind of teaching method. What I specifically like about this channel is that the way how you explained chess opening works effectively in a comprehensive format but in a brief way. It feels like every single move you presented on the board consumes my brain and its worth.

  11. I love your explanations that are clearly showing your Great experience with playing/Mastering the English opening! (which is a great system!). Thank-you Simon!

  12. Hey! what a surprise! I started looking into the botvinnik english this week and got really excited when I saw the notification of this video! Thank you Simon!

  13. 58:48 i'm guilty of playing too much blitz and bullet and you're right, my play is suffering! I'll have to cut down and play longer time formats. Thank you for the excellent advice 😊

  14. 19:30 he's saying black is better because he probably put the position in the engine. I did that right now because I was curious to see what he's seen. There are tactics after exf4, gxf4 -> Nxe4! and no matter how white takes on e4 the variations are good for black.

  15. Brilliant explanation of the pros and cons of analyzing with computers.

  16. Although I think that the chess play principles you emphasize are applicable in openings besides and other than the English, I'm in total agreement with practically everything you describe in this game.

    FIDE Master? I gotta get active again…

    Anyway, great stuff.
    Another video every club player should watch and take to heart.

  17. Kasparov played the English in a must win championship game against Karpov and won. It was the last in the match.

  18. I’ve played 1.c4 2.g3 quite a bit. Love the Botvinnik setup, it’s very dynamic!

  19. Great video as always, Simon. Very informative as I'm trying to learn the Botvinnik.

  20. Missed you love the longer games. Excellent commentary

  21. I once saw Palliser loose to a 180 in a club match at York – he went outside, screamed into the air and began to punch himself in the head… then his dad came and picked him up in the car. I’ve no interest in this course 😂

  22. Your videos on the botvinnik english are excellent. I've always been an e4 player and it was only recently after reading Yasser Seirawan's Winning Chess Openings that I have been inspired to give c4 a go. Imagine my happy surprise when I find out you've just released The Iron English on chessable and coming up in book form. Really interesting to find out c4 was all you played up to IM as well. They're great videos and seeing you explain the concept in games is fantastic too, cheers.

  23. After over a decade of strict e4 play, I had a friend of mine get crushed by a botvinnik English. I immediately decided to pick it up and have been looking for resources. Appreciate the video

  24. Thank you Simon.
    have been an avid follower of your channel for sometime now. Being an average player (1200-1300) and often relying on the London, it's very challenging yet useful to see other ways of opening with white!

  25. This video got me to buy the course. Thanks Grandmaster, this is finally the exact opening that fits my style, im a principled e5 & d5 player as black, and wanted something fundamental, strategic and solid as white and this is it. I want an opening as white where I can just out play my opponents without following theory, thanks.

  26. 19:3121:03 A classic GingerGM rant for the ages, loved it! Although I guess I did think that Black exf4, gxf4 makes the White king exposed on the open g file?

  27. I use the computer after my games to see where I went wrong, is this not a good idea then?

  28. Thank you , thank you , thank you ! Can I say thank you too much ? Your real time thought processes are weight their weight in gold or maybe platinum – whichever is more valuable . Hope to meet you some day. Sincerely, Mick ( friend of Andrew M.

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