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  1. Excellent teaching moment with the rooks in game one (cutting off the king and the ?Lucnenda?). Very valuable. I’ve never had that shown to me so clearly. Hope I remember it LOL. Thx Nelson.

  2. This isn't part of the playlist on the channel

  3. Simplest and most economical explanation of the lucena position ever. Thank you.

  4. Missed another one. Hopefully you feel better.

  5. I think you forgot to update the wins, you are at 206 now

  6. NM getting out prepped in the opening is pretty wild. I guess nowadays the internet has made studying chess much easier.

  7. What do I need to do to get a game against you 😩

  8. turns away & listens
    turns back
    one of the kids just got hurt….
    the look on your face man.. i feel that

  9. 39:33 – Just to mess with him, I would have promoted to a knight instead of a queen. Then his only move is to promote his own pawn. He cant check you because it's blocked by the pawn on C3. Then you move your knight to D7 for a beautiful checkmate!

  10. In that first game I wouldn't have threatened the knight with the pawn but instead pinned it with the bishop. Could someone tell me why that's not a good move?

  11. Dear Nelson, please play the Rousseau gambit. It's very tricky opening. I would love to see how you play it.

  12. Is there a way to show the eval bar when reviewing your games? Very interesting games BTW.

  13. I could be wrong, but I swear I saw a possible tactic around the 37 minute mark with Rd1

  14. Thanks for the content, non-chess related. I hate chair mats, spend 15-20 bucks and <10 mins on rollerblade wheels for office chair.

  15. At the end of last game why didn’t you go c4 to prevent b5? They could never pass by at that point.

  16. In last game opponent could play in pawn ending b5 much earlier which leads to a queen ending which is difficult to win having 20 seconds on the clock

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