Levy Wins Like Hikaru

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  1. I did not know levy could sound and talk like the youtuber frankisheres

  2. 1 view in 51 seconds u have seriously fallen off

  3. For every dislike I will study 1 hour of the e4 course

  4. "Shout out to incel guy for the big feedback." 😂

  5. Can anyone tell me what the song's name is that elvy always uses in these videos playing around 5:50 ?

  6. Bros "Chessly" logo looks so amateurish.

    1. Make font a bit smaller with a black outline.
    2. Make it the first letter float slightly over the knight/horse.
    3. Make horse face left, not right.

    I like your cuban accent btw.

  7. You just don't realize how close you are running that bird of paradise into the jbird theory to keep going into all continuation moves and there's nothing he could do about anything at all for if he was 3200 it would have been a dog fight on the last move to get the knight bird in for the complete and yes you opened different but transposed right into my theory my jbird❤the game but more so than that black trying to use my theory even tho he didn't do it perfect it's my creation and there's so much more to do working backwards and I don't mean just in pieces I also mean in ideals,this opening played right is no less than 3200 I'll safe the elo factor for my book and a simple remember I was there when they were there but I'm the one who went forward first before they did in the game……………

  8. This channel was way better when the max viewer was 3K and the comments was 13-27

  9. How many people thought the title was "Levy wins Hikaru!"

  10. shoutout to incel guy for the big feedback LMAO

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