Lemming Defense ADVANCED Lines and Ideas – Chess Openings

Check out part 1 of the lemming defense here:

This video covers the lemming defense, a rare yet surprisingly decent defense. I talk about the ideas of this chess opening, as well as the main lines of the lemming defense.

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00:00​ Intro
00:22​ What is the lemming defense?
00:36​ 2.bxa6
01:31​ What lines are we covering in this video?
01:56 2.d4
08:10​ 2.Nf3
12:07​ 2.Nc3
14:30​ 2.g3
14:54 Outro



  1. It would be very interesting to see a similar analysis of the Sodium Attack (Durkins) from you! There is practically no information on YouTube on this opening with a detailed story about tactics. I understand that these openings are unpopular and cause contempt from the masters. However, for fun they are quite acceptable…

  2. The Lemming defense is a very poor move, not saying that because I care about the center, but really, because the only purpose of this move was actually to get out of book opening very quickly. The story goes is that back in 19 whatever, a player named van geet, I believe, used this opening against the chess engine nightmare. (I believe that is what it was called), and guess what, he lost. The idea of this move was the trick the computer into getting out of the book. However, like with stock fish today do you really think that getting out of opening quickly Will let you defeat it?However, it is slightly better than Nh6

  3. This is my new opening against e4 but can I play it against d4 @ChessGeek?

  4. Yes! I actually tried this opening from your previous video, thanks for the advance deep dive from this position @ChessGeek

  5. Do you think we can do a study on lichess, I am a beginner player and i would greatly apreciate you helping me

  6. Whats your rating ? And can you create a playlist of these bazaar openings

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