Learn To Make This One-Of-A-Kind Chess Board

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Raise your chess game to a new level. Learn how to create the look of individual raised squares. This unique look will become the conversation piece of your game room. FYI…it also would make the perfect gift.


  1. If everyone learns how to make it, how can it be one-of-a-kind?

  2. With the cherry skirt is wood movement going to be an issue with the 45 degree corners?

  3. Did your wide belt sander also serve as a planer. I know the pieces were 2 1/2” wide, but how thick were they?

  4. I love this…what kind of table saw blade did you use to make those cuts?

  5. Great board! Just have the camera guy STOP wiggling the camera… distracting.

  6. Hi sir I want chess board, how buy your product
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  7. What a great work! Congratulations I really enjoyed your video.

  8. He speaks like he's talking to a third grader, didn't notice? Listen again.

  9. Wish were my dad. Nice workshop with excellent machines and spray coating got me. Greetings from Switzerland

  10. a resin on top to flat the bevels but still feel like its 3d bevel wouldve been a great deal. also i like the board foldable so i can carry it around friends and family, especialy when you have such a nice speciment of chess board. Also you can stash your pieces inside

  11. You could use a router table to make those chamfers just as easily

  12. I got to this about a year late, but this is really nice work. The squares and the chosen wood remind me so much of chocolate block squares, especially after the lacquer coat. Now, is there a corresponding chess piece project to go along with this board?

  13. Any idea what the thickness of the boards are? They look like 5/4 to me

  14. Beautiful piece. How do you account for wood movement with so much opposing face grain?

  15. Even Popular and Red Oak from HomeDepot should have enough contrast if nothing else is available. And you can always stain the Red Oak a bit darker.

  16. Excellent work. You do talk a little too much.

  17. I think the grooves might lead to pieces falling over a bit quicker, especially in time trouble. But a beautiful board I would love to own nonetheless!

  18. Wes, great video! My next project after finishing the kitchen cabinets. How far down did the 45 degree chamfer go on the 1.75” thick strips?

  19. Wouldn’t the one YOU made be temporarily one-of-a-kind, but then as soon as someone else makes it it would be at least two-of-a-kind? By the time I got around to it, it would be a common place chess board. I want something more rare than that.

  20. The music in the time lapse is terrible. This makes watching the video really exhausting.

  21. Could you utilise the 45° chamfer to ensure that the second glue up is straight?

  22. My favorite part was the first 18 gauge nail that blew out into the board….ouch….

  23. It's a real woodworking masterpiece. Thanks to the kind magician for his glue up magic. Best wishes and many perfect projects in the future.

  24. I don't like being talked to like I'm a child.

  25. Thank You for this Video,Good Job! God Bless You!

  26. I am a chess player and groves between the inner squares is unacceptable. A flat surface is preferable. I don't just prefer it, for serious playing, I would demand it. Any type of ornaments on the outer edges of the board are architectural novelties and acceptable. But anything that interferes with play, including chess pieces identification, is unacceptable.
    Put your 45-degree chamfer around the outer edges of the board and it is artistic, but don't put gutters between the squares.

  27. That's a great job Sir! Real masterpiece!

  28. thats a very nice looking board…the blocks just come out so nicely. How many coats of lacquer did you put on it? Want to try and make this myself.

  29. Beautiful piece but not really functional as a chess board due to the grooved surface. It would look lovely hanging on a wall as a nice piece of wall art.

  30. You completely lost my interest with that horrible cheap Casio keyboard noise/music. Don't follow the stupid YouTube patterns. Leave that crap out.

  31. Seems like you could use a piece of aluminum angle stock clamped to one of the grooves to make sure your joints line up in the second glue up.

  32. Well it's nice to see that I am not the only one who gets Burn marks. Nice chess board . Especially the feet.

  33. I loved every minute of your video, you do fantastic, clean work, thanks for sharing, the toys in your shop are nice to have, Cheers.

  34. Kickback Concern! I intend to make this chessboard as it very beautiful. I get cutting the 2.5 inch strips and gluing but then when you re-rip are you not concerned about kickback as the board is wider vs length? Is there a trick or technique I am missing? I have never cut myself at the tablesaw but three times the piece has been thrown back at me, hitting me twice…not fun.

    Jim M.

  35. OK for a display piece, I guess, but there are two classic mistakes for a board intended for play; light and dark squares are too high in contrast, and finish is too glossy.

  36. In order to prevent the chamfers between the tiles to collect some incredible amount of dust, crumbs and lint, one could always fill them with potting soil and grow some grass in them 😉

  37. The glue on the "skirting" all but ensures that the chess board will not lest long, because it will tear itself apart with seasonal wood movement. Someone purporting to be knowledgeable (by having an instructional youtube channel) should know something this basic about wood, and stress NOT making this mistake. Shame on Wes. The "instructions" his video should not be followed by anyone.

  38. Note to beginners: While an excellent video, he's doing something on the table saw that amateurs should NEVER EVER do, which is leaning over the spinning blade to retrieve the pieces as he cut.

    This man is a professional and has enough experience to do this. But for normal folks, please do not do this. You could lose your balance and fall right on that blade, perhaps putting your hand down to brace yourself.

    Take your time when doing multiple cuts like this. Cut a piece, turn off the machine, then do the next. Or have someone on the other side to grab it after it's been pushed away from the blade!

  39. I like mine flat, another stupid video. Nobody has all the power tools. Build one without power tools.

  40. Bad design. Grooves between squares reduces functionality for playing chess.

  41. Thanks for the demonstration of your skills.

  42. When lining up the pieces for the last time ., you could just take a strip of wood with that has a 90 degree angle on in and clamp into one of the grooves thus aligning everything perfectly 😉
    really nice looking board , but must agree that a chess board needs to be flat ., that said i think this board would be just amazing if you made your border around protrude just 1 mm above the board and then fill everything with epoxy so you have an totally flat surface but still have the visuals of the grooves 🙂

  43. This is amazing and inspirational to me as a mediocre chess player and novel woodworker. About the only technique I'm as good at, is the wipe-the-glue-off-my-finger-under-the-table technique.

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