Learn to CRUSH with 1. e4 | 10-Minute Chess Openings

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Time to learn 1. e4 in ~10 minutes. Like the video, write a comment 🙂

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  1. I don't really want to be an E4 player but I need to know how to play it if I do.

  2. If only i could memorize all these instantly..

  3. what makes black want N.f6 im the vienna over any other move? if they play something else i suppose you….don't do the vienna?

  4. watching my 100 elo self try to understand this is painful to watch

  5. Why didn't you recommend the Ponziani?

  6. Levi do u see yourself ever doing the dab again in 2023.

  7. What I hate about those videos is what the fuck I'm supposed to do after for example he takes the knight with the knight? I take with the queen? Then what?

  8. Don't add the subtitles.. It blocks the pieces😂

  9. Just did an E4 opening and my opponent played Caro-Kann. I did as you said, swarmed the right wing and basically broke through the line of defense and trapped the dark-squared bishop. Then I pushed my knights into the right wing, forked the rook and trapped the queen, and then it was over. I traded my knights for a knight and a bishop, unleashed my diagonals and my queen forked out the remaining knight and bishop. The king got trapped on the last row and I rode a passed pawn to victory. Thanks Levy!

  10. My opponent always comes with his bishop out to c5 after e4 e5 please help

  11. Me coming here in 2023 and hearing "Praggnanandha plays this system" – proud to be an Indian. Also as always thank u nd love u (ur content) Levy

  12. i lost 50 elo to trying to play the wayward queen attack. I hope this works out for me(yes, i know 50 elo isnt much, but for context im a 350-400 elo player and 50 elo makes a heaven and hell difference for me)

  13. What do you play as white in the Italian? I like Evans Gambit

  14. What about 1. E4 E5 2. Nfe it's good, isn't it?

  15. This is what you do best. Fav sport? Boxing, not combined with you know what

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